Blk Dnm Releases First Blockchain-powered Leather Jackets: Details – WWD

Blk Dnm is embarking on its first blockchain-powered initiative.

The Swedish American fashion brand is releasing a collection of leather jackets that are designed with blockchain-powered hardware and software. This is Blk Dnm’s first major initiative since being acquired by blockchain technology company ChromaWay in June.

“It’s a concept of connected fashion,” said ChromaWay cofounder and chief executive officer Henrik Hjelte. “It’s to combine the digital and the physical. You will have the same jacket in a digital version. It’s a growing area that we can add a lot of features going forward to this world and to this idea.” 

The collection offers 72 signature leather jackets designed in seven styles released as part of Blk Dnm’s fall 2023 collection. The jackets are designed with a chip that gives the garment a unique and recordable identity in the digital space.

Blk Dnm CEO Toni Collin said the initiative allows the wearer to track the life cycle of the garment to know who the previous owners were and to have an easy way to authenticate the item. The brand is also offering a “forever refund” on the jackets, with the garment’s value based on how well the wearer took care of it. The digital initiative is also meant to encourage less wasteful consumer spending tendencies.

A style from Blk Dnm’s leather jacket collection.

Courtesy of Blk Dnm

“Fast fashion and ultra fast fashion are exhausting the planet,” he said. “So, maybe we can slow it down a little bit and actually wear the clothing that we buy and buy less and buy better to cherish the beautiful designs and the pieces that you bought and invested in. I think it’s bringing something new to the table.”

The executives also explained the jackets’ owners will be a part of the brand’s new Blk Dnm Society, a community where participants can give feedback on the brand’s upcoming initiatives and launches. 

Prior to Blk Dnm’s acquisition in June, the brand relaunched in February as a luxury label. As part of the relaunch, Blk Dnm introduced a more elevated aesthetic helmed by creative director Jessy Heuvelink, a new logo and a new retail strategy. Blk Dnm is sold at U.S. retailers like Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s.

Blk Dnm is releasing the new leather jackets in four launches throughout October in New York, Stockholm and Los Angeles at various events, as well as on its website. The jackets range in price from $1,490 to $2,490.