DogeMiyagi Competing With Crypto Giants Monero And Avalanche

As the world progresses, slowly but surely the way the world handles finances is progressing also. Cryptocurrency has officially changed the way we handle money as a society for good, and with new cryptocurrencies launching almost every week, newbies and potential investors may struggle with knowing where to invest. DogeMiyagi (MIYAGI) is a brand new cryptocurrency showing you why it is worth investing in, as well as how it compares to other top-shelf cryptocurrencies such as Monero (XMR) and Avalanche (AVAX).

Monero: For Decentralized Currency Exchange

Monero was specifically designed to assist businesses and individuals alike with cryptocurrency exchange as well as goods and services at a reasonable price. Monero prides itself on being a secure network that prioritizes safety and allows users to complete transactions privately and anonymously, this makes said transactions virtually untraceable. The price of Monero is dependent on the supply and demand within the market space. The price of Monero will increase when the demand for the token overrides the supply and the same applies in reverse.

Monero has three main ways that it ensures the platform is undetectable. The first method is using stealth addresses, these addresses have a one-time use for each transaction. Even if it’s one party making said transactions there will still be a different address issued every time. The second method is ring signatures, this keeps the source of where the funds came from and where they are going anonymous, preventing third-party tracking. The transactions are put into random groups that have no relation to each other, making tracking virtually impossible for outside parties. Lastly, RingCT hides transaction amounts so they are kept private.

Avalanche: The Next Level Of Blockchain Technology

Avalanche is established as one of the best crypto assets that all investors need to get their hands on. It has risen to become one of the biggest coins on the market and as well as this one of the best blockchain networks to date. Avalanche has set the foundation for decentralized apps and various other blockchain networks. Avalanche has several useful features and is giving the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain network a run for its money. It is an ideal place for developers to establish smart contracts and with its high transaction speed Ethereum cannot compete! Avalanche allows for up to 6,500 transactions per second, whereas Ethereum 1 only allowed between 15-30.

Despite its incredible speed, Avalanche manages to preserve scalability. Avalanche can meet its users’ requests promptly by utilizing the proof of stake consensus. Avalanche revealed in 2021 that its blockchain had achieved carbon neutrality.

This result is a big step forward that reinforces the view that the energy of cryptocurrencies may be optimized within a safe limit. The Avalanche token, AVAX, has been increasing in value.

Kick Start Your Journey With DogeMiyagi

Mr Dogemiyagi has a different approach to the crypto market, he wants to prove that Dogemiyagi is more than just another dog meme coin. So by approaching the market carefully and thoughtfully whilst prioritizing its beliefs, Dogemiyagi establishes why it’s the meme coin of choice. The Mr Miyagi character in “The Karate Kid ” film franchise that came into fruition in 1984 is the inspiration behind the DogeMiyagi character.

Before acting, Mr Dogemiyagi thoroughly examined his alternatives, ensuring a sustainable environment for the neighborhood. To assure the success of the MIYAGI currency, Mr DogeMiyagi has created a plan that prioritizes learning before leaping in. Dogemiyagi, like other altcoins, has chosen to develop on the Ethereum network after researching a variety of different dog meme currencies on the market. The Ethereum network has supported a wide range of digital currencies since its inception, and its acceptance and trustworthiness have long been demonstrated. Mr Dogemiyagi also praises the Ethereum network’s environmental friendliness.

As part of the Shanghai upgrade, the Ethereum network now uses a proof-of-stake consensus technique, which uses less energy and is more cost-effective. Users can use the UniSwap-powered Killer Swap Machine to trade their MIYAGI tokens for any other cryptocurrency. Additionally, Dogemiyagi NFTs, which provide alternatives other than the conventional dog meme coin avatars, will be available soon. DogeMiyagi wants to pay homage to the popular and adored “The Karate Kid” film series by distributing freebies.





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