The Bake Comeback Campaign: Win Weekly Rewards

Welcome to the Bake comeback campaign. 

Designed to capture the spirit and energy of transformation, the comeback campaign rewards the driving force behind Bake’s resurgence: you. 

Whether you’re an OG Bake user or just getting started, the comeback campaign is your chance to earn rewards.

Campaign Overview

The Bake comeback campaign is a specially crafted initiative aimed at returning the Bake platform to its former glory. 

The campaign offers various activities for users to participate in: trading, staking, smart bundle purchases, and recurring buys, all with enhanced rewards. 

By being an active participant, you can win prizes and help shape Bake’s future and success.

The campaign runs until August 26th, aligning with Bake CEO Julian Hosp’s 90-day comeback plan.

Reward Structure

Our reward structure is designed to be inclusive, offering opportunities for everyone.

Entering is easy, here’s how:

$500 Weekly Prize

To qualify for the weekly participation reward, simply complete two tasks:

  1. Stake: +$500 in crypto (staked until the end of the campaign on 26 August).
  2. Trade, Buy, Sell, or Swap +$500: This includes swapping single assets, buying and selling single assets, smart bundles, recurring buys, and custom bundles.

Completing these tasks qualifies you for the weekly lucky draw to win $500. One-time completion qualifies you for all future draws throughout the campaign period.

Grand Prize

At the end of the campaign, the top 10 users by transaction volume will receive a share of the fees earned on the Bake platform during the campaign:

  • 1st place: 15% of Bake’s fees earned
  • 2nd place: 10% of Bake’s fees earned
  • 3rd place: 5% of Bake’s fees earned
  • 4th to 10th place: 1% of Bake’s fees earned each (totaling 6%)

Surprise Airdrop 

Everyone who completes the weekly draw tasks during the campaign automatically qualifies for a surprise airdrop. 

Referral Boost

All transactions made by people you refer contribute to your trading volume. By referring your friends or followers, you can boost your chances of climbing the leaderboard and winning the Grand Prize. 

How to Get Involved

Follow these simple steps to join the Bake comeback campaign:

  1. Sign up or log in to your Bake account.
  2. Stake at least $500 worth of crypto AND generate $500 in transaction volume through activities like swapping, buying, and selling assets.
  3. Share your success and experiences with the Bake community on X (formerly Twitter) to boost engagement and visibility.

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