Ronin Introduces Ronin zkEVM for Enhanced Web3 Gaming

Why is this significant for Ronin?

This integration marks a significant advancement for Ronin in supporting its growing user base and transactional demands while aligning incentives between Ronin Layer 2 chains and Ronin’s mainnet.

The network currently supports 1.5 million daily active users and has a capacity to handle up to approximately ~40 million transactions per day. However, with the adoption of zkEVM technology, these figures are set to expand dramatically as zero-knowledge proofs allow validators to verify transactions without revealing underlying data, thereby enhancing transaction efficiency and preserves privacy.

This enhancement is expected to significantly increase Ronin’s transaction capacity, potentially enabling it to handle hundreds of millions or even billions of transactions daily. It will allow Ronin to support games with high transaction volumes, which previously faced challenges due to potential network congestion.

This expansion will help facilitate smoother asset transfers, token swaps, and NFT trading across both Layer-1 and Layer-2 games, allowing Ronin to support a broader range of games with varying technical needs.

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