Ripple CEO Urges U.S. Leadership in Blockchain Amidst Legal Hurdles

  • Ripple’s CEO calls for U.S. to lead in blockchain despite regulatory challenges.
  • SEC may not appeal recent partial ruling in Ripple’s favor, suggesting case resolution.

Despite continuing governmental obstacles and a fresh lawsuit against the company, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse restated his goal for the United States to lead the world in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Jack The Rippler, a well-known Ripple enthusiast, posted an excerpt from Garlinghouse’s CNBC interview. Garlinghouse voiced worries in the interview about the resistance the U.S. government is giving the crypto sector. The business has been pushed into a defensive posture and is, he said, “behind in Washington.”

Industry Lagging in Washington

Garlinghouse noted that there is a defensive posture because the crypto sector is behind in Washington. He thinks that the reason of this state of affairs is ignorance on the part of legislators.

The ignorance of U.S. politicians regarding the crypto business is one of the main problems Garlinghouse brought to attention. This ignorance gap has added to the difficulties and obstacles facing the sector.

Garlinghouse has raised the possibility that certain government representatives are deliberately working against the crypto sector. He made the implication that this resistance might be a conscious attempt to obstruct the growth of the sector.

Current XRP Market Data

As of writing, XRP is valued at roughly $0.4846, down 0.76% in the previous 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap. Still, XRP has increased by 1.24% throughout the last seven days, indicating a bullish trend.

Previously, CNF had already reported that a possible settlement in the Ripple v. SEC lawsuit seemed to be getting closer. The SEC might not challenge Judge Analisa Torres’s most recent partial decision in Ripple Labs’ favor.

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