Season 2 of Tycoon Sim ‘Loaded Lions: Mane City’ Now Live

New Features, Bigger Rivalries

The introduction of factions and abilities adds a whole new layer of variety to the game.

Players will align with one of two factions: The Legion or The Void. Each player’s gold generation contributes to their faction’s success, and in turn, players will receive Gold Income, Diamond Income, and EXP Gain bonuses based on their faction’s performance at the conclusion of each Competitive Mode event.

In addition to factions, abilities allow players to defend their city from rivals and unleash onslaughts in kind. Each attack affects a tycoon’s Gold and/or Diamond income bonus differently, so players will need to think strategically to make the biggest impact.

What else is coming in Season 2?

Season 2 of Loaded Lions: Mane City also sees the integration of’s two latest collections: Dark Lions and Tactical Gear. Bringing fresh in-game utility and all-new power levels, players will need to integrate NFTs from these collections carefully to unleash their full potential.

A new season means a new major Competitive Mode event, and coming Q3 2024 will be The Great War. Centred on the long-awaited battle between the Loaded Lions and the Dark Lions, only one faction can take the crown – and the prizes on offer.

Success in Normal Mode also players a larger importance this season, with higher ranks leading to bonuses that extend into Competitive Mode events.

Source: Loaded Lions: Mane City

Why should I play Loaded Lions: Mane City?

Loaded Lions: Mane City is enhancing player engagement and elevating their gameplay by continuously implementing new developments, such as their Achievements system, Daily Spins feature, and regular Competitive Mode events with healthy prize pools.

With Season 2 adding a host of new features which level the playing field – and with many more to come – it’s a great opportunity to get started and dive into the fun!

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