Institutional-Grade Financial Products for Everyone

Real-world asset (RWA) tokenization is about making traditionally in-accessible financial products available to everyone. 

But just tokenizing the financial products isn’t enough; there needs to be a secure, reliable avenue for people to interact and purchase them.

This is where Ondo Finance comes in.  

By leveraging blockchain technology, they are providing the infrastructure to make RWAs available to everyone.

What is Ondo Finance?

Ondo Finance aims to utilize blockchain technology to democratize access to high-grade financial products. Its core mission is to provide everyone, regardless of their net worth or status, access to products previously reserved for high-net-worth individuals or institutional investors​.

They achieve this by converting traditional financial assets like U.S. Treasury Bonds into digital tokens that can be traded on blockchain platforms — a process known as Real-World Asset (RWA) tokenization.

Key Products and Innovations 

OUSG Token

The OUSG token is the core of Ondo’s institutional-grade offerings. It is a tokenized representation of BlackRock’s iShares Short Treasury Bond ETF, combined with USDC and fiat USD. This ensures both high liquidity and stability, making it an attractive option for investors who prioritize security and predictable returns.

USDY Token

USD Yield (USDY) is a tokenized asset backed by U.S. Treasury securities. It provides a stable investment and offers a DeFi yield of around 5% APY. The combination of high interest rates and investor protections maintains the token’s value over time.

OMMF Token

Catering to a more exclusive audience, the OMMF token grants access to the lucrative world of money market funds through a stablecoin format. This token, which operates on the Ethereum network, provides a novel way for investors to utilize government-backed money market funds as a form of accessible and transferable collateral.

Flux Finance

Ondo Finance also delves into decentralized lending through Flux Finance. This platform supports users in need of additional crypto assets by offering loans backed by stable and secure collateral. Flux Finance adapts to market conditions, varying its interest rates accordingly, and provides a dynamic option for those looking to engage in leveraged trading or other DeFi strategies.

Ondo Token Bridge and Converter

The Ondo Token Bridge allows for all Ondo tokens to be transferred across multiple blockchains and exchanges. Complementing this is the Ondo Token Converter, which simplifies the process of converting yields into USDY tokens, allowing for straightforward conversions and the accumulation of yield.

How to Invest in Ondo Finance (ONDO)

You can invest in Ondo Finance directly by swapping any cryptocurrency for ONDO through the Bake app.

If you’re looking for more projects like Ondo Finance, the Bake Real-World Tokenizer Bundle allows you to invest in a share of ONDO, MKR, GFI, MPL, PENDLE, CFG, TRAC, TRU, PRO, and DFI in just a couple of taps.

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