When Will XRP Hit Critical Price Markers of $0.70 and $1?

XRP is experiencing a striking buildup and momentum. With the firm Ripple forging new alliances across leading financial sectors, XRP is set to encounter diverse use cases that may end up catapulting its price to new highs. 

However, XRP is currently documenting gradual growth, with price markers stable at $0.59–$0.61. The ongoing bullish momentum is pushing XRP to gain a few cents. Per CoinMarketcap, XRP is up 4% in the last month. 

Compared to its contemporaries, XRP is yet to break into a bullish streak. Despite slow growth and progression, Ripple’s promising crypto ventures and alliances have instilled new hope, urging traders to hold onto the XRP in the future.  

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When will XRP hit $0.70?

Source: WatcherGuru

At present, XRP is trading at $0.59, down 4% in the last 24 hours. The crypto seems to be struggling to break past the $0.61 threshold, encountering resistance at this level. According to Coinpedia, the monthly XRP chart portrays an ascending streak, eventually catapulting the XRP’s price to hit $0.70 by the end of April and the first week of May. 

“The XRP price is back on the list of top performers. Moreover, as the increased pressure leads to an 18% overnight jump, the bullish engulfing candle surpasses the $0.70 mark. However, the intraday pullback aims for a retest. Currently, the XRP price trades at $0.69770, with a 3.67% fall marking a small drop.” The platform was later shared. 

The average XRP pricing for April ranges between $0.56 and $0.81, with a potential high of $1.86.

When will XRP hit $1? 

CoinCodex predicts XRP to face resistance at price levels of $0.629732, $ 0.647804, and $0.662952.

Presently, XRP is having trouble crossing these resistance price levels. A bullish breakout is expected soon after Ripple breaches the $0.70 price level. Per Coinpedia, once the $0.70 threshold is crossed, increased buyer momentum can catapult Ripple’s price to $1 by the end of 2024. 

“With the high possibility of a new challenge to the $0.70 supply, the bullish breakout of the trendline aligns with the market-wide recovery. Beyond $0.70, if a new breakout rally starts, the buyers could drive the ripple price to the psychological mark of $1.”

The platform predicts the average price markers for XRP to stay between $1.60 and $1.915 for the year 2024. The potential high for XRP is kept at $2. 

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“A pivotal moment will be the breach of the $1 mark; surpassing this level could substantially increase the probability of the price reaching the $2.23 potential high. Conversely, if the bearish trend persists and the price falls below $1.60, it may signal a prolonged breakdown phase.” Coinpedia later noted.