Swaps Upgrade: More Tokens, More Opportunities

Building on the success of the first phase of token swap integrations, Bake now offers the power of the new trade engine for greater swap functionality and opportunity.

What’s New?

  1. More Tokens, More Opportunities: 30 new tokens have been added for a total of 66, so you can now buy, sell, and swap from a choice of 583 trading pairs.
  2. Reduced Fees, Slippage, and Tighter Spreads: Bake swaps are now optimized for minimal trading costs. Low fees and reduced slippage mean your trades are faster, smoother, and cheaper.
  1. Higher Liquidity: Higher liquidity means more supply and demand in the market (buyers and sellers, otherwise known as the market ‘order book’), giving you more trading variety and price transparency.

Why Choose Bake for Token Swaps?

The Best of Both Worlds

While DEX offers the advantages of decentralized trading, Bake balances the DEX advantage with centralized exchange (CEX) efficiencies. You get the liquidity and price transparency of decentralized trading with the support and security of a centralized exchange.

Bake’s transparency, proof of reserves, and perfect track record give you decentralized levels of fund safeguarding, combined with centralized levels of low-cost convenience.

Lower Trading Cost Structure

Bake’s integration of our new trade engine means lower fees. Now you can execute your strategies without worrying about fluctuating fees from slippage. Enjoy 0.5% swap fees, low slippage, and tighter spreads for optimized low-cost trades.

6 Reasons Why Bake

  1. Investment Strategy Discovery: Find new trading strategies from timely investment narratives.
  2. One-Click Portfolio Diversification: Easily diversify your portfolio with smart bundles combining multiple assets in one click.
  1. Innovative Earn Tools: Stake multiple assets simultaneously without self-custody hassles using Bake’s Smart Bundle one-click staking.
  1. Recurring Buys: Dollar cost average into your favorite assets automatically.
  1. Easy to Use: An intuitive user experience designed for all skill levels.
  1. Trust and Transparency: Decentralized security with centralized convenience and support.

What’s Next?

Bake continues evolving with new tools on the horizon:

  • More digital assets
  • More stablecoin (USDC/USDT) networks
  • More on and off-ramping capabilities
  • Self-balancing Smart Bundles  

Start Investing Smarter Today

Go to your Bake app today and experience the new upgraded swaps with more digital assets and one-click tools.

Bake is building the future of investing: more assets, more liquidity, more opportunities. All with the simplicity and trust you’ve come to expect.

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