Web3 mobile gaming startup develops blockchain gaming integration via £1m funding

Ginger Joy, the Web3 mobile gaming startup, has announced its most recent round of fundraising of £1m. This capital will be used to develop mobile-native gaming ecosystems with blockchain-based interoperability.

Ginger Joy is a spin-off company of Matchingham Games, an established UK developer with nearly 500 million installations globally and over 120 staff members.

The new startup has been bolstered by a veteran management team from across the gaming sector, including Matchingham’s Art Director and CGI Supervisor to Netflix, Soner Yurtseven joining as Art Director and Jeremy Stein from Epic/Tonic joining as Product Development Manager.

Professionals from mobile games Fall Guys and Subway Surfers, as well as the animation studio PIXAR, have also joined Ginger Joy. The team will bring cross-sector gaming experience to Ginger Joy, going beyond a narrow focus on product design to user-generated content and Web3 infrastructure.

Ginger Joy will be one of the earliest firms to build natively mobile, interconnected games for Web3, rather than exporting browser-based games onto mobile platforms. The firm is hoping to use this early start to develop a mass-market mobile gaming ecosystem.

Web2 gaming allows for transferring users between games, but the blockchain technology underneath Ginger Joy’s Web3 products makes this process more efficient, meaning that developers can cultivate dynamic ecosystems that operate across several products. 

With economic interoperability, the ownership of digital assets in one game can be transferred to others, and experience interoperability allows users to unlock and use items between different games.

Ginger Joy will also look to apply blockchain technologies in advanced user acquisition strategies where individual players on other games can be precision-targeted for marketing based on their in-game credentials. 

Ibrahim Over, Chief Executive Officer at Ginger Joy Games, commented:  “At Ginger Joy, we’re not just integrating blockchain tech; we’re redefining its role in gaming. Our aim is to make the shift to blockchain so smooth for gamers that it feels natural. 

“The use of blockchain in our games is an option, not a requirement. We’re committed to empowering our players, encouraging them to explore and embrace the blockchain out of genuine interest and curiosity.”

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