What’s Next After $2 Trillion Wipeout?

The recent surge in the cryptocurrency market, led primarily by bitcoin org

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 , Ethereum, and XRP, has added an impressive $600 billion to their combined market cap. This rally is largely attributed to the growing anticipation around BlackRock’s application for a Bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) in June, as explained by The Economic Ninja, a prominent analyst.

BlackRock’s potential entry into the Bitcoin ETF space has caused a significant stir on Wall Street. Notably, Kathy Wood, the founder of Ark Invest, has expressed optimism about this development. She views BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF filing as a pivotal moment that could significantly boost Bitcoin’s value in the coming years.

The combined market cap of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP reached a high of around $3 trillion in late 2021. However, the market experienced a dramatic downturn in 2022, with over $2 trillion in value being wiped out, leading to the collapse of several crypto companies.

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Despite the market’s volatility, analysts remain optimistic. The Economic Ninja highlights the global scale of the opportunity in the cryptocurrency space. Kathy Wood, in particular, forecasts that Bitcoin’s market cap, which is currently over $1 trillion, could potentially escalate to $25 trillion by 2030.

Adding to the analysis, cryptocurrency analyst Ali Martinez noted a recent 18% decrease in XRP’s price over the last ten days. However, he also observed a rise in whale transactions and their accumulated holdings of XRP. This activity among major market players suggests a possible upcoming rebound in XRP’s price.

While experiencing a slight 1% drop to around $36,500, Bitcoin continues to show resilience. After briefly reaching $38,000 on Thursday, the cryptocurrency faced a minor setback but remains a key player in the market’s dynamics.

The overall sentiment among experts is bullish, emphasizing the vast potential and enduring interest in cryptocurrencies despite the market’s inherent fluctuations.