Ripple Labs to integrate AMMs into XRP Ledger, spurring debate By  |  Editor Ambhini Aishwarya

Published Nov 17, 2023 06:36AM ET

Ripple Labs has announced a strategic initiative to incorporate Automated Market Makers (AMMs) into the Ledger, aiming to enhance liquidity and trading efficiency within its ecosystem. This development, announced today, has generated mixed reactions across the crypto community.

Key advocates like Panos, co-founder of Anodos Finance, have voiced strong support for the integration of AMMs, predicting that it would increase buying pressure and liquidity for XRP. Panos argues that these changes will not only attract more traders but also bolster XRP’s utility in various use cases. He maintains that despite the new addition, XRP’s core characteristics as the native currency of the Ledger will not be altered, ensuring its continued vitality.

On the other hand, some members of the crypto community have raised concerns over how this move might affect XRP’s price stability. The debate has been particularly active on platform X (formerly Twitter), where influential voices like Digital Perspectives PermaBull have questioned whether these developments could potentially transform XRP into a stablecoin or classify it as a Group 1b Asset under the Prudential Treatment requirements from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

Despite these concerns, Ripple Labs is unwavering in its commitment to digital payments innovation. The company regards the integration of AMMs as a significant step forward in reshaping the landscape of digital payments.

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