Ripple and Onafriq offer digit asset-enabled payments between Africa and rest of the world

Ripple has joined forces with Onafriq (previously called MFS Africa) to power digital asset-enabled cross-border payments between Africa and a host of other countries.

Onafriq is using Ripple’s crypto-enabled payments technology to open up three new payments corridors between Africa and the rest of the world.

Customers of PayAngel in the UK, Pyypl in the Gulf Cooperation Council, and Zazi Transfer in Australia can use the technology for remittance and business payments to recipients in 27 countries across Onafriq’s pan-African network.

The firms say that their partnership will bring faster, more efficient, and cost-effective international money transfers to Africa, accelerating financial inclusion across the continent.

Dare Okoudjou, CEO, Onafriq, says: “Our mission is to make borders matter less when it comes to payment within, to, and from Africa. We are advancing this mission through our partnership with Ripple”.