‘Let’s Get This Ripple Effect Going’—Candace Cameron Bure Invites Fans To Join ‘Wave of Gratitude’

Screenshots from Instagram / @candacecbure

With 5.6 million followers on Instagram, Candace Cameron Bure, is not only a household name but also a force of positivity within the entertainment industry. Bure is known for creating and starring in wholesome movies, advocating for the traditional model of marriage, and recording a podcast promoting togetherness along life’s journey.

As Americans celebrate Thanksgiving later this month, now is the time to be intentional about gratefulness. “Please join the gratitude party,” Bure said to her followers.

Candace Cameron Bure: Let’s Create a ‘Wave of Gratitude’

Candace Cameron Bure, star of the TV series “Full House” and “Fuller House” and chief creative officer of “Great American Family,” shared with her Instagram followers that she’s all about giving thanks this season. She posted a video explaining her plan to post a list of what she’s grateful for and to tag friends to do the same.

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Bure began, “Thanksgiving is coming up. Christmas is right around the corner. And, I don’t know about you, but it is so easy for me to get caught up in the whole season. Don’t get me wrong…you know I love it.”

“But, I want to do a little something different this year,” Bure continued. “Before the shopping, the baking, the parties, and the decorations take over, I want to start by reminding each other what the season’s all about. And, I want to do that with gratitude.”

As Bure shared about her own life, she challenged her friends and fans to join her in giving thanks. “Being intentional about gratitude is something that has changed my life, and so over the next four weeks, in November, I’m going to post things that I’m grateful for. I’d love for you to join me,” Bure said. “So, take a picture, record a video—tell me what you’re grateful for and tag me.”

Bure volunteered to go first, saying, “I actually want to see if we can start a huge wave of gratitude on social media… and I’m gonna start right now.” The wave will come as more and more people tag three people to share their own gratitude lists.

Bure went on to share more details of what she was thankful for: her job, delicious food, and her fan community. She also shared how fans encouraged her after her dog, her “baby Boris,” died.

“Let’s get this ripple effect going—this wave of gratitude,” Bure said. “Please join the gratitude party.”

The video caption began, “JOIN IN and ride the wave of gratitude with me as we enter into this season of thanksgiving 🌊🍂🙏🏼 It’s amazing how just starting your day with gratitude can change your entire perspective in general.”

Bure included her first list in the caption. “My first 3 things I am grateful for are:
✨ A job that I love
✨ Incredible food that I get to enjoy, mainly made by my husband