Kraken Plans To Launch Layer 2 Network Following Coinbase

Kraken, one of the leading crypto exchange in U.S., is looking to build its own layer 2 network after the success of its close competitor Coinbase in building and launching Base.

The exchange is looking for a technology partner for the development of Ethereum layer 2 blockchain network. Kraken is reportedly considering leading developers including Polygon Labs, Matter Labs, Nill Foundation and others in order to use their technology for the native chain. 

The move from Kraken probably comes following a successful deployment of Base by its competitor exchange Coinbase, which was launched with OP Labs as a developer partner. 

A potential partner for Kraken is likely to be a leading developer of zero-knowledge (zk) technology as several of the latest generation blockchains are currently finding best solutions into the zk-tech stack. 

In addition, Kraken recently opened a position for “Senior Cryptography Engineer” which it described as requiring knowledge of modern cryptography technology with zero-knowledge proofs

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