Evmos shifts focus to Ethereum transactions, plans to phase out Cosmos support by Q3 2024 By Investing.com

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Evmos, a part of the Cosmos network, is making a strategic shift towards exclusively supporting Ethereum-based transactions. The network will now cater solely to Ethereum-based wallets and tools such as WalletConnect, Rabby, MetaMask, and hardware wallets like Ledger.

This decision comes as the team has been struggling with the complexity of maintaining compatibility between Cosmos and clients due to distinct transaction hashes for each ecosystem. By focusing solely on Ethereum transactions that enable interactions with dApps via the Ethereum Virtual Machine on Evmos, they aim to simplify processes and alleviate developers’ workload.

Today, Evmos announced its plan to complete a phased discontinuation of Cosmos transactions by Q3 2024. This move is projected to streamline the development workflow and enhance Ethereum wallet efficiency on the network.

Despite this shift, Evmos will continue supporting core Cosmos functionalities like staking and governance through EVM Extensions, maintaining interoperability, a unique feature of Cosmos. “This decision aims at increasing operational efficiency and delivering value faster,” said Evmos founder Kunze Küllmer.

As part of this transition, fees from phased-out Cosmos transactions will be burned. Users with Cosmos-only wallets will need to migrate to EVM-compatible clients.

In a previous token sale round led by Polychain Capital, Evmos raised $27 million. The company’s strategic shift towards an EVM-centric transaction approach marks a significant change in its operations as it seeks to streamline its services and improve efficiency.

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