Cryptos to Watch During a Bull Market: Litecoin, THORChain, GalaxyFox

The bull market has returned. Bitcoin ($BTC) mining stocks are up across the board, majors enjoy significant rallies, and altcoins are exploding. After a prolonged bear market, the time for digital assets to shine has arrived, and the next two years present investors with the opportunity to make generational wealth.

But what crypto to buy to achieve this feat? Several frontrunners have already emerged, and the top crypto to watch during a bull market are Litecoin ($LTC), THORChain ($THOR), and Galaxy Fox ($GFOX). Don’t miss the opportunity to become a whale this time around.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Tokenomics King

Galaxy Fox has begun its presale, and fortune has obviously shined on this nascent protocol. Investors cannot hope for a better setup than a micro-cap project launching in bullish market conditions. But the thing that sets $GFOX apart and makes it a top crypto to buy now is its unique tokenomics model.

The protocol has designated 70% of tokens to be sold via presale, meaning a fair launch. Early participants will not have their holdings diluted by token unlocks. Galaxy Fox additionally implements a burn to remove tokens from circulation permanently. Even its staking rewards are funded by ecosystem taxations instead of inflationary token creation.

Users looking to earn passive income can head to the Stargate module and will earn a proportional volume of rewards to their stake. Stargate accrues 2% of all ecosystem transactions, meaning these payouts will increase as the ecosystem develops and activity grows.

The presale also leverages a unique pricing mechanism that will allow investors in the initial phase to secure gains of 450% before the token even launches. The age-old question of what crypto to buy finally has an answer: $GFOX. 


Litecoin ($LTC) Bitcoin’s Faithful Accomplice

Litecoin was one of the first cryptos created after Bitcoin ($BTC), and its continued existence and popularity are a testament to this token’s staying power. It shares many properties with Bitcoin, but instead of being designed as a store of value, Litecoin was designed as a cost-effective method for peer-to-peer transfers.

Analysts forecast Litecoin targeting a high of $468.34 towards the end of next year.

THORChain ($RUNE) Native Asset Swaps

THORChain is a protocol that has been shipping relentlessly throughout the bear market, making it one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy now. At its core, THORChain rejects DeFi’s heavy utilization of wrapped assets to bridge from one network to another. Instead, it delivers native asset cross-chain swaps.

Crypto veterans know the importance of native assets given how much more vulnerable wrapped assets are to smart contract risk and liquidity dangers- not to mention that most exploits involve bridges. The introduction of lending shot $RUNE to new heights, and old-school crypto investors understand the value proposition and continue driving up its price.

Closing Thoughts: Pay Attention to Marketcaps & Flows

Investors who want to make life-changing wealth this cycle need to pay close attention to market caps and flows. A smaller market cap makes price appreciation far easier, and microcap altcoins will be the projects that turn a small sum into a hefty stack.

Regarding flows, many older projects have vast numbers of holders sat on unrealized losses who will sell into any pump and act as a bearish flow. Therefore, when considering what crypto to buy, investors should aim for small projects with solid value propositions, preferably fresh launches this cycle. Projects exactly like Galaxy Fox.

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