Coinbase report predicts boost in crypto market from spot bitcoin ETFs By

Published Nov 14, 2023 11:38AM ET

Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN), a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, has released a report suggesting that the approval of U.S.-sanctioned spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) could significantly transform the cryptocurrency market by drawing in new classes of investors. David Duong, Head of Institutional Research at Coinbase, highlighted the potential benefits of such development during a time when the traditional financial systems face geopolitical tensions and economic uncertainties.

The report, which was released on Monday, points out that spot bitcoin ETFs would open up cryptocurrency investments to Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), retirement funds, and larger institutions. According to Duong, this move would not only bring fresh capital into the market but also improve liquidity and price discovery by easing buying and holding restrictions for these larger entities.

Coinbase’s analysis indicates that regulatory-compliant investment vehicles are likely to lead to the creation of new products tailored for accredited investors, thus broadening crypto adoption. As a result, the total crypto market cap could see a significant increase over time as ETFs promote a more regulated environment and greater inclusivity.

Amidst an unsettled U.S. Treasury bond market, a costly dollar, and vulnerabilities within the U.S. banking sector, Coinbase positions bitcoin as an attractive safe haven alternative looking ahead to 2024. This viewpoint stands in contrast to JPMorgan’s skepticism about the current crypto market rally, suggesting that there is growing demand for bitcoin as an alternative to traditional financial systems.

Coinbase concludes that the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF would revolutionize how cryptocurrencies are transacted and could potentially attract billions of dollars into the crypto space by establishing a regulated environment that appeals to investors beyond the traditional crypto community. This framework could simplify access to cryptocurrencies amidst the current economic challenges and reinforce their position as a viable alternative in the financial landscape.

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