Coinbase CEO Blasts OpenAI’s Decision: The Fallout of Sam Altman’s Exit

In a striking turn of events, Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, has voiced critical views on the recent dismissal of Sam Altman, former CEO and co-founder of OpenAI. This move comes amidst OpenAI’s remarkable ascent to an $86 billion valuation, surpassing giants like Shein and AirBnB.

Armstrong’s Strong Stance on Altman’s Exit

In a recent article and a series of tweets, Brian Armstrong highlighted the immense value Sam Altman brought to OpenAI, raising its valuation to $80 billion. Armstrong condemned the decision to remove Altman, likening it to a “coup” and a misstep that “torched” significant company value.

The Coinbase CEO also took a jab at what he calls “decel thinking,” a mindset he believes led to a decline in value at companies like Google. Armstrong’s comments suggest a belief that such thinking is now influencing the AI sector, potentially leading to detrimental effects on innovation and growth.

Adding to his critique, Armstrong pointed out the ideological influences in San Francisco, explicitly targeting Marxist thinking. He argues that this mindset poses a safety risk, potentially impacting companies like OpenAI.

Former Google CEO’s Contrasting Views

In a contrasting response, former Google CEO Brian Schmidt admired Sam Altman’s achievements. In a note shared shortly after OpenAI’s announcement, Schmidt hailed Altman as a “hero” for propelling OpenAI to a global powerhouse, eagerly anticipating his future contributions.

This development raises questions about the future trajectory of OpenAI and its impact on the broader tech landscape. With the AI industry at a critical juncture, the repercussions of Altman’s departure are yet to be fully realized.