Claude Eguienta Joins TrustSwap’s Board of Directors, Bringing Extensive Expertise in Blockchain and Financial Inclusion

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TrustSwap, a leading blockchain technology and cryptocurrency company, is thrilled to announce the addition of Claude Eguienta to its esteemed Board of Directors. 

Claude, the Chief Executive Officer at Mimo, a company specializing in tokenized real-world assets and stablecoin creation, will lend his invaluable expertise and vision to TrustSwap as they continue to innovate and shape the future of decentralized finance (DeFi).

Claude Eguienta brings a wealth of experience to TrustSwap, having worked in startups and large tech companies for over a decade. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science, with a focus on distributed systems, and has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to driving positive change in the blockchain and fintech space.

Claude’s impressive career includes co-founding Telcoin, a startup dedicated to advancing financial inclusion through blockchain-based remittances. His work at Telcoin laid the foundation for his advocacy of accessible financial solutions for all, a principle closely aligned with TrustSwap’s mission.

Claude also co-founded Kabotip, a crypto startup that successfully went through the OnLab incubator program. His experience as an entrepreneur and innovator in the crypto space further cements his position as a thought leader in the industry.

Born and raised in France, Claude’s international journey has taken him to China, the United States, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates. His global perspective is a testament to his dedication to fostering collaboration and driving change on a global scale. Claude is fluent in French, English, Mandarin, and Japanese, facilitating cross-cultural communication and understanding.

As TrustSwap continues to develop groundbreaking blockchain solutions and DeFi products, Claude Eguienta’s deep industry knowledge and commitment to positive change will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in the company’s growth and evolution.

TrustSwap is excited to welcome Claude Eguienta to the Board of Directors and looks forward to the valuable insights and strategic guidance he will bring to the team. His appointment is set to enhance TrustSwap’s ability to revolutionize decentralized finance and blockchain technologies.

About TrustSwap

TrustSwap is a company that provides blockchain-related, multi-chain DeFi tools & services to both corporate and retail customers. Our products and services solve problems related to token & liquidity locking, token minting, escrow, and vesting. In addition, we also offer solutions for cryptocurrency asset distribution, staking and tracking, NFT services, and fundraising. TrustSwap is the parent company of Team Finance, The Crypto App, and Swappable.

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