Bitcoin and altcoins gain traction, SUI surges on Microsoft integration

Today, the crypto market experienced significant gains with increasing by 1.3% to $35,305. Despite a recent cooling of hype surrounding a potential Bitcoin ETF approval, the rise in Bitcoin’s price continues to positively influence the broader crypto market.

Altcoins such as SUI, LINK, and MATIC witnessed even greater increases. SUI, a cryptocurrency developed by ex-Meta engineers and priced at $0.57, surged nearly 12% today and over 31% this week. This sharp rise is attributed to its integration with the Microsoft-backed Space and Time platform. In addition, the Sui Foundation announced a $51.3 million ecosystem fund aimed at boosting its DeFi ecosystem and DeepBook platform.

LINK also experienced an 8% increase following Vodafone (NASDAQ:)’s integration with its Digital Asset Broker (DAB), which has been rebranded as Pairpoint. Similarly, MATIC grew around 8% after deploying its new POL token on .

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