8M Addresses Hold at Least $1,000 Worth of BTC, ETH, ELDG Enter a Bullish Trend

Bitcoin (BTC) addresses that hold at least $1,000 worth of the cryptocurrency, equating to 0.028 BTC, has increased to a record high at eight million.

In addition, Ethereum (ETH) is also getting a lot of interest after it managed to climb further up the charts. Everlodge (ELDG), on the other hand, is getting accumulated due to the passive income opportunities it provides to investors and traders. Today, we will go over each crypto’s performance to see how far they can spike.

Bitcoin (BTC) Reached Major Milestone

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Bitcoin (BTC) is getting significant attention as the addresses that hold over $1,000 have reached a major milestone. Specifically, today, over eight million addresses hold this much Bitcoin. This is based on data from Blockware Solutions and Glassnode and showcases a bullish sign about the future of the cryptocurrency. 

As for the recent Bitcoin price performance, the crypto trades between $34,163.16 and $35,752.94. Moreover, during the past 30 days, the value of the crypto is up 26%, and its annual growth is 65.6%. The Bitcoin market cap is at $688,317,758,212, and it has a dominance of 49.788%.

Ethereum (ETH) Projected to Spike to $2,335.71

Ethereum (ETH) is also bullish on the charts and has headed in an upward direction. The crypto saw a major increase in volume, where the Ethereum trading volume surged by 32% in the past 24 hours. During the past week, the value of the ETH crypto moved from $1,785.51 to a high point of $1,901.37. 

Moreover, the crypto is up 15.8% on the monthly chart, making Ethereum a major gainer. In addition, the Ethereum market cap is at $228,351,607,841, indicating a market dominance of 16.52%.

Everlodge (ELDG) Provides Simple Way for Users to Make Passive Income

Everlodge is an upcoming real estate marketplace that will completely change how people access the $280 trillion market. 

Traditionally, properties can cost millions of dollars. This means that investors need access to a massive amount of capital, ranging in the millions of dollars. As a result, the industry has been locked only to the elite. However, Everlodge will democratize access by making it accessible to anyone. 

The properties will get minted as NFTs, and then they will get fractionalized. This way, anyone can buy a fraction of a property for just $100. If it’s a rental property, investors get passive income based on their ownership percentage any time it gets rented out. 

Moreover, the ELDG token can be staked, providing even more passive income. Currently, the token trades at $0.023. At launch, analysts project a 3,800% climb in value for the crypto.

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