4 New Gaming Projects To Leverage the Tezos Blockchain for Immersive Gameplay

The Tezos blockchain is witnessing a burgeoning gaming ecosystem, underscored by the recent Joystick Journey Round Up. Jeremy Foo, Head of Gaming at Trilitech, provided a comprehensive update on the latest gaming developments on Tezos.

The 4 New Gaming Projects Utilzing Tezos

Coin Blast – This is a social wagering game where players test their knowledge, collect points, and have the chance to win real money prizes. The game offers a wide array of trivia questions across various topics and is accessible via the web or Android mobile download​​.

Star Symphony beckons players to enroll in the Etheria Music Academy to begin their journey as Star Guardians. Set in the world of Symphonia, this game invites players to pursue a musical journey, meet friends, discover new music, and unlock stories. Players will battle against the agents of Darkness and unravel the mysteries of the Tower of Stars. Star Symphony is breaking boundaries in rhythm gaming with its introduction of spell systems that influence gameplay, aimed at empowering music creators from across the globe​​.

BattleTabs‘ is an intense multiplayer strategy game that has gained significant traction with over 1 million downloads and 15,000 fans on Discord, highlighting its popularity and community engagement. It’s instantly playable in the browser and is now venturing into the mobile space, soon to be available on iOS and Android phones​​​​. Notably, the game has introduced a Seed BattleTabs Collectible Card on Tezos, offering players the chance to unlock exclusive in-game rewards and participate in prized tournaments.

Hermit Crab Game Studio is developing a project in partnership with The Sandbox, crafting a virtual Brazilian city that serves as a sports haven called ‘Sports Land’. Players can compete in their favorite sports, complete city-wide challenges, and collect sports-themed NFTs. Additionally, Hermit Crab has released official football freestyle games in collaboration with world-renowned football clubs like Arsenal, Manchester City, and Paris Saint-Germain, where players perform tricks alongside famous football stars
One of the exciting announcements included the launch of ‘Coin Blast‘, a casual PvP social wagering game integrated with trivia challenges.

With regards Coinblast, Foo described it as a platform: “where you can enjoy playing trivia against your friends and if you’re successful and are smarter than them, you have a chance to win XTZ from them.”

Further invigorating the ecosystem, ‘BattleTabs’, a project already spotlighted on XTZ News for its integration of Tezos blockchain technology, is on the verge of launching NFTs.

Foo highlighted the unique aspects of the game, stating, “It’s a unique take on the battleships game genre and you can enjoy it with friends as well.

“The Tezos network has also attracted ‘Star Symphony’ and ‘Hermit Crab’ as new game partners. Foo expressed his enthusiasm for ‘Star Symphony’, a rhythm game with an anime theme, explaining that “the characters you can collect would be NFTs and these characters can level up as you play.”

Jeremy Foo, Head of Gaming at Trilitech – Joystick Journeys

The partnership between Trilitech and Hermit Crab Studios, a Brazilian game studio known for launching games with top-tier IPs such as Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, aims to develop a football management game scheduled to launch late next year.

With their expertise in creating Web 2.0 football games, the collaboration is set to enhance game engagement and monetization by incorporating Web 3.0 elements into the gaming experience.

This initiative is part of a broader effort to leverage the unique capabilities of the Tezos blockchain in the gaming sector.

For developers, the Tezos SDK for Unity has been updated, with a dedicated Unity engineer tasked with its improvement. Foo reassured that “the SDK has been resubmitted to the Unity Asset Store and has passed verification…the new version is essentially bug-free and also offers a much more streamlined modular experience for game developers.”

The Tezos gaming community can expect continuous enhancements “Try it out today and let us know what you think. Finally, it’s been a busy month with many conferences…we had strong presence in these events.”

Tezos remains committed to fostering innovation and growth in its gaming sector, inviting developers to leverage its upgraded tools and participate in the evolving Tezos gaming landscape.


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