4 Best Potential New Binance & Coinbase Listings For Your Watchlist

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One of the best ways for projects to generate parabolic gains in crypto is through listings on leading exchanges like Binance and Coinbase. 

Projects listed on these platforms can 2x or more overnight, making identifying new listings before they are announced a very lucrative trading strategy. This article lists the four most likely candidates for new listings. 

We considered the listing requirements for both exchanges against current projects to identify these cryptos.

New Binance Listings

In recent weeks, we have seen Binance and Coinbase begin to ramp up their listings. The most prominent Binance listing was a token called Memecoin. It initially launched in the Binance Launchpool, enabling users to earn it through staking BNB and other cryptocurrencies.

Following this, it launched on the exchange and now has a $170 million market cap.

Meanwhile, Coinbase listed Celestia, which currently holds a staggering $341 million market cap after launching this month.

This illustrates the tremendous liquidity that the top exchanges can inject into new projects, giving the cryptos on our list immense upside potential.

With that in mind, here are the four best potential new Binance and Coinbase listings to watch:

Meme Kombat: Multi-Purpose Meme Coin With Gambling Utility and 1,609% Staking APY

Our pick for the project most likely to get listed on Binance or Coinbase is Meme Kombat ($MK). The project features a one-of-a-kind use case with massive viral potential. It is currently in its presale, having raised $1.4 million in just over a month.

The project enables users to gamble on AI-generated battles between meme coin characters. There are several game modes and numerous ways for users to earn crypto. 

As such, the project captures two prominent trends in meme coins and crypto gambling, potentially attracting users from both markets. Consequently, media outlets have begun picking up on Meme Kombat. They include CryptoPotato, Finbold, Cointelegraph, Coinpedia, BeInCrypto, and many more.

This illustrates significant interest – precisely what exchanges look for when finding new listings.

Moreover, Meme Kombat places a notable focus on community growth and rewards. One of the ways it does so is its staking mechanism, which currently offers a 1,609% annual percentage yield (APY). This will encourage community participation while reducing sell pressure, enabling its price to flourish.

The project has allocated 50% of tokens to the presale, 10% to DEX liquidity, 30% to staking and battle rewards, and 10% to community rewards.

Investors can buy the presale for $0.189 but must hurry as the price will rise in six days.

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Bitcoin ETF Token: Staking Coin That Will Burn 25% Of Total Supply Inline With Bitcoin ETF Events

With Bitcoin ETF excitement soaring, a team of savvy devs is harnessing the trend through a project called Bitcoin ETF Token ($BTCETF). It is currently in its stage one presale, having raised $270K in four days.

As such, market participants can buy it at its lowest-ever price just a couple of months before Bitcoin ETFs are expected to be approved. The current price is $0.005, but this will rise in less than 24 hours.

Bitcoin ETF Token features three central features: a staking mechanism, a burn mechanism, and an aggregated news feed. 

Users can stake their $BTCETF tokens to earn passive rewards, currently valued at 909% APY. However, this will decrease as the staking pool size grows, incentivizing people to buy the presale early. 

Its burn mechanism will destroy 5% of the total supply in line with five crucial Bitcoin ETF events. This will build a sense of scarcity when hype and fear of missing out (FOMO) are highest, enabling its price to flourish. 

Meanwhile, its news section will keep users well informed, and alongside its Twitter and Telegram channels, it will help foster a long-lasting community.

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Bitcoin Minetrix: Stake-to-Mine Crypto Enabling Anyone to Mine Bitcoin Without Effort, Raised $3.7M in 6 Weeks

Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) is a revolutionary mining project that enables anyone to mine BTC from its Ethereum-based platform.

The project works by users staking $BTCMTX in exchange for Bitcoin mining credits, which they can burn for cloud mining power. This process is effortless from the users’ side, requiring no technical expertise, hardware, or overhead costs.

Additionally, it is a greener way to mine Bitcoin, and there are no space constraints or disturbances for the user.

This has led to tremendous presale success, with the project raising over $3.7 million in six weeks. Prominent media outlets and analysts are backing it, further illustrating the community’s interest.

It has received coverage from outlets like Cointelegraph, Crypto News, CryptoPotato, Bitcoin Magazine and more. Influencers are also bullish on the project, with Joe Parys Crypto predicting 100x gain after its presale.

Other analysts like Michael Wrubel and Jacob Bury have stated they are optimistic about Bitcoin Minetrix, too.

The massive community interest and the unwavering potential it provides to Bitcoin mining indicate that tier-one exchanges will be desperate to list $BTCMTX following its presale.

Yet, with a presale price rise occurring in one day, investors have little time to secure the best deal.

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TG Casino: Regulated Telegram-Based Casino That Is KYC-Free and Offers 283% Staking APY

TG Casino ($TGC) is a next-generation crypto casino offering hundreds of games and sportsbook events directly on Telegram. It has already proved popular, with users wagering over $10 million.

Crypto betting or ‘GambleFi’ has fared as one of blockchain’s most popular trends recently. This is due to its significant advantages over legacy casinos and its much smaller valuation.

Currently, the total GambleFi market cap is just $850 million, while the casino market is valued at $263 billion. This provides tremendous upside potential for emerging crypto casinos.

TG Casino is much more accessible than other crypto gambling platforms, and it is KYC-free, making it easier to get started while ensuring the user’s privacy. 

The $TGC token holds several benefits, like a 283% staking APY, free rewards, 25% cashback on losses, and exclusive access to special games and rooms.

It also features a buyback mechanism that will repurchase $TGC tokens from the market with a portion of the platform’s revenue. It will send 60% to staking rewards and burn 40%. This will bolster its supply and demand dynamics while enabling holders to directly benefit from the casino’s success.

TG Casino has also proved popular in the media, receiving coverage from outlets like Coinspeaker, Cointelegraph, Cryptonaute, and Coincierge.

The project is currently undergoing a presale, raising $1.8 million so far. Investors can buy it today for $0.15, but they must be quick as its price will rise in one day.

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