Zynga’s Sugartown with Blockchain Technology for the First Time

Zynga has officially announced the release of Sugartown this year and promises to provide a dynamic experience filled with in-game prizes and exciting storylines.

Significant anticipations can be expected from Zynga’s Web3 game, Sugartown

With the release of Sugartown, Zynga became the first mobile game developer to develop a blockchain game from the start. In the past, Zynga was best known for its famous 2009 games, including Words with Friends and Farmville. After launching a few games on Facebook, it became famous worldwide; over 80 million users play their games daily. The recently released Zynga’s Sugartown depends on the Ethereum network. This game provides players with a unique and charming opportunity to earn in-game prizes.

Some of the Magical Oras and Exciting Rewards we can expect from Sugartown

This game is about three farm animals who accidentally open a doorway into Sugartown. Sugartown allows different creatures from another proportion known as ‘Oras’ to invade the city. With their creativity, these Oras turn Sugartown into a lively place of fun and games.

In the game Sugartown, a unique Ora token known as ERC-721 can be used to gain access as proof of ownership. Sugar, the in-game currency, is the primary resource in Sugartown, acquired by staking Oras. These currencies are required to access a variety of exciting rewards within the game.

Matt Wolf, who is the Vice President of Blockchain Gaming at Zynga, has expressed the firm’s enthusiasm for the project. He says that they are excited to announce Sugartown not only as Zynga’s first Web3 game but also as an innovative new Web3 game. This includes an original IP developed by the top mobile game developer.

Matt Wolf also said that Zynga has always been at the forefront of innovation, and our aim with Sugartown is to enable players through a sustainable Web3 platform full of fun and durable games. Our vision of creating Sugartown is to reach a native Web3 market and have the goal of expanding vastly over time while we establish a passionate and engaged community of holders who we hope will enjoy this experience as much as we loved bringing it to life.”

Some of the exciting opportunities in Sugartown: Minting Oras and Web3 Collaboration

Sugartown’s debut will provide a fantastic opportunity for players to mint their own Oras at the end of the year. These Oras are required to take part in the game’s free-to-play mini-games. Sugartown also claims to be an evolving experience for Zynga holders and the prayer community. A significant part of this component also includes Forte, a Web3 economic technology platform. Catherine Mylinh, who is Forte’s Chief Growth Officer, has focused on both parties’ dedication to adherence, licensing, and developing long-term economic opportunities for players.

The sudden rise of Web3 has made it difficult to change the legal system. Zynga and Forte share the same page on conventional licensing, and both are dedicated to strict compliance, too. Both are committed to providing the player community with long-lasting, sustainable economic opportunities and safeguarding all the ecosystem players.

At first, Sugartown was introduced to the Web3 community through a targeted marketing strategy on Twitter and Discord. The marketing campaign served as a basis for the promotion of Sugartown. As a part of the official announcement, the team will host a Twitter Space starring Wolf to encourage further discussion and participation.

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