XRP Community Gathering: Ripple CTO Drops Hints at Two Major Events!

When well-known XRP aficionado XRPP made humorous forecast of the events at the upcoming Ripple/XRP community gathering, it was sure to get people talking. But when Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz, hinted that two of these exaggerated predictions might actually come true, the internet exploded with excitement, confusion, and anticipation.

The Spark that Ignited the Blaze

In his signature satirical style, XRPP mused a variety of far-fetched scenarios for the eagerly awaited Ripple soirée. These included Ripple making a full settlement announcement with the SEC, the declaration of an IPO, XRP’s price soaring beyond its historic peak during the event, and – in a jesting nod to the legal skirmishes between the SEC and Ripple – an imagined scenario featuring Gary Gensler (SEC’s Chairman) being paraded sans clothing with attendees chanting “SHAME”.

As a cherry on top, XRPP also envisaged himself sharing Jell-O shots with Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s CEO affectionately known as B-Rad.

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Reactions Pour In

David Schwartz’s cryptic response that “only two” of the enumerated events were likely to happen set the community alight with excitement and speculation. Fans and followers quickly dived into deciphering which of the two might turn from satire to reality. 

One user, amidst chuckles, wondered if the community was in for a treat with the sight of Gensler’s imagined parade. Another took a more realistic route, hypothesizing it would be the Ripple settlement and the Jell-O shots scenario. And in the spirit of jest, some even thought David’s comment was simply adding more fuel to the humorous blaze ignited by XRPP’s post.

Gensler’s Never-Ending Tale

For those not in the know, the allusion to Gensler stems from the prolonged legal dispute where Ripple faced off against the SEC. The climax came when a judge ruled that XRP wasn’t a security, a decision that presumably didn’t sit well with Gensler, giving the jest some additional spicy context.

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While it’s clear that the Ripple community is gearing up for a grand event in the midst of all the jests and jibes.