Vyvo Smart Chain Announces Strategic Cross-Blockchain Integration on Vechain

Fabio Galdi CEO of Vyvo Smart Chain “We are thrilled about our strategic integration with Vechain. Their unparalleled reputation and industry-leading standards for honing individual actions for collective accomplishments open a world of possibilities for Vyvo Smart Chain. Together we will foster a thriving community of users who can choose which blockchain works best for them.”

Vechain, headquartered in San Marino, Europe, is the curator of VechainThor, a world leading smart contract platform spearheading the real-world adoption of blockchain technology. By leveraging the capabilities of ‘trustless’ data (information without intermediaries), smart contracts and IoT technologies, VechainThor is delivering solutions across a wide array of fields, and now turns its attention to arguably the greatest challenge of all-building technologies and ecosystems to drive true sustainability and digital transformation at global scale.

To learn more about VSC & the Vyvo ecosystem, visit Vyvo.org.

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About VSC Vyvo Smart Chain is a newly released purpose-chain. VSC is a HealthFi ecosystem built on Vyvo Smart Chain and supported by the VSC Foundation which promotes and rewards positive lifestyle habits through health data monetization while ensuring data privacy. VSC strongly believes that people should own their own health data and its value.

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