Ripple Bets High on E-commerce; Garlinghouse to Meet Lawmakers In Washington

Ripple’s head of liquidity products, Brad Chase, has shed light on the fintech’s aspirations for the e-commerce sector. He revealed the company’s ultimate aim is to have every online retailer incorporate its cryptocurrency system. Cryptocurrencies offer round-the-clock operational capabilities. This consistent availability makes them an attractive tool to boost online shopping and business transactions.

Ripple’s Liquidity Hub Boosts Crypto E-Commerce

Moreover, more online retailers and marketplaces recognize the unique advantages of cryptocurrencies, since digital assets offer a new dimension to e-commerce. Chase highlighted the “tremendous potential for improvement” in integrating crypto into eCommerce and merchant payments.

Furthermore, the benefits are more than just customer-centric, since there’s significant value on the operational side. In addition, E-commerce stakeholders can capture payment flow efficiency and cut operational and settlement expenses. But that’s not all, as crypto payments could usher in more advantages.

Ripple introduced technologies like the Liquidity Hub to ease the adoption of this digital asset. Chase emphasized that businesses could use these tools to transition smoothly into crypto payments. They won’t need to delve deep into technical intricacies, since the Liquidity Hub particularly stands out and aids businesses in optimizing cryptocurrency liquidity.

Additionally, it connects them to an extensive global payment network. The demand for the hub is evident, with many clients now turning to Ripple for on-the-spot Bitcoin (BTC) needs. Liquidity Hub’s presence is expanding, with Brazil, Australia, and some US regions already having access.

Garlinghouse Advocates Direct Talks with Lawmakers

Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, is engaging with US Congress members in Washington D.C. He’s accompanied by the company’s Chief Legal Officer, Stuart Alderoty, and Vice President, Global Head of Public Policy, Rob Grant. Their mission is to foster discussions and gain regulatory clarity. Garlinghouse emphasized the importance of direct dialogues with lawmakers, stating the need to engage with those proposing bills.