MetaMask expands to include Bitcoin with Snaps rollout By – ConsenSys has launched MetaMask Snaps, a rollout that enables interoperability with multiple layer-1 blockchains, including Bitcoin and Solana.

On Sept. 12, Consensys launched MetaMask Snaps — a feature set that adds versatility to the existing MetaMask wallet.

MetaMask has predominantly been an Ethereum-focused platform, providing a gateway to Ethereum’s (ETH) blockchain and associated decentralized apps (dApps).

However, Snaps broaden this horizon by enabling interoperability with multiple layer-1 blockchains, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Solana (SOL), Cosmos (ATOM), and Filecoin (FIL), among others.

The introduction of Snaps has been met with keen interest for multiple reasons. One feature is its notification API, integrated into the MetaMask browser extension. Unlike the traditional pop-ups users encounter when their wallet connects to a site, these notifications are tailored to the specific Snaps the user has installed.

Christian Montoya, the Senior Product Owner of MetaMask Snaps, mentioned that the setup does not require sharing personal details like an email address or phone number, thus offering another layer of privacy. However, the API is not yet available for mobile push notifications.

Configuring the notifications may pose a slight challenge for novice users, as it requires manual setup. On the flip side, Snaps designed for transaction insights promise a less steep learning curve. These are engineered to flag potentially malicious smart contracts or phishing threats, effectively acting as a preemptive measure against common pitfalls in the crypto environment.

Moreover, Snaps aims to offer a broader range of functionalities, including encrypted device storage and customization of the wallet interface, as per developer documentation. All the launched Snaps are created by third-party developers and have undergone rigorous auditing by Consensys developers.

ConsenSys maintains a strict allowlist for publishing Snaps, meaning that the company must approve them. However, this centralized approach is expected to evolve into a more decentralized system. Montoya elaborated that future versions may allow smart contracts to manage the registry, enabling community participation in vetting new Snaps.

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