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Bitcoin’s ($BTC) prices have continued to drop despite traders’ hopes that the asset will witness a turnaround in value. Bitcoin’s volatility has led other crypto investments to follow its decline. Litecoin’s ($LTC) transaction volumes have reportedly hit an all-time low, leaving investors distressed by its downward trend. Undeterred by the challenges facing significant assets in the market, InQubeta ($QUBE) has raised millions from investors with its ongoing presale.

InQubeta is one of the new DeFi projects leveraging advanced technology to improve the growth of artificial intelligence (AI). The project helps AI startups access capital to fund their projects and also gain access to promising partnerships. Despite the turbulence facing many cryptocurrencies, this blockchain ICO remains the best choice for investors seeking long-term utility crypto projects.

This article explores why investors are shifting millions to InQubeta despite Litecoin’s price drop.

InQubeta’s ($QUBE) Promising AI Investment System Is Attracting Bullish Investors To Its Ongoing Presale.

The $QUBE presale has been a spectacle with its rapid growth, earning the recognition of many investors in the market. The ten-stage presale is currently in its fourth stage at $0.0133. The presale’s remarkable growth from its initial starting price of $0.007 to its current price has surpassed expectations. Investors who recognize the AI crypto project’s massive growth potential have bought more than 350 million $QUBE tokens. With over $3 million raised in funding, it’s no surprise why crypto enthusiasts call InQubeta the best crypto investment for tech-savvy traders.

This blockchain ICO employs a fractional investment feature to ensure easier access to an often exclusive industry. AI startups mint investment opportunities into a non-fungible token (NFT), which is fractionalized and sold on the InQubeta marketplace. This system fosters a secure and transparent investment operation that benefits investors and startups.

Traders seeking new DeFi projects that are unaffected by bearish market circumstances are flocking to $QUBE owing to its impressive deflationary mechanism. This ERC20 token is deflationary and has a 2% tax on all in-platform transactions that go to a burning wallet. This structure allows the token to maintain its value over time, a strong guard against the harsh market situation. Investors have acknowledged InQubeta as the best crypto investment because of its unique selling point (USP) and the project’s drive to make the evolution of artificial intelligence globally a reality.

Litecoin ($LTC) Enhances Decentralized Finance Through Peer-To-Peer Transactions.

Litecoin has troubled many investors as its prices have declined since the beginning of July. Despite the project’s halving event, which should have improved the token’s value, there has been low demand from investors.

Many traders rushed in to buy Bitcoin’s price dip, expecting enormous returns, but Bitcoin’s prices stayed negative. Bitcoin’s volatility was supposed to usher in an increase for LTC, but the token continued to drop rather than see an improvement in its prices.

Litecoin’s stagnant prices are due to many factors, including investor behavior. The reduction in short-term investors on the platform contributed to the project’s price decline, even though it wasn’t a significant cause. The lack of short-term traders points to the fact that investors’ interest in $LTC has shifted, and if this continues, it may have a lasting impact on the token’s price.


Litecoin’s price reduction sent shockwaves through the crypto market as investors hoped it would surge, seeing as Bitcoin was facing a downturn. The coin’s bearish outlook led $LTC investors to lose patience, leading to a further price decline. Conversely, InQubeta has proven a reliable alternative for traders who want to shield themselves from unfavorable conditions.

$QUBE’s approach to long-term investment in AI validates it as a solid asset that investors can leverage to diversify their portfolios. The success of the project’s ongoing presale serves as proof of investor’s confidence in its distinct offerings. The presale is still underway, and investors can benefit from being early backers.

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