Litecoin and Chainlink Struggle: Is This Coin the New Hope for Crypto Enthusiasts?

Litecoin ($LTC) has sustained a bearish trajectory since its halving event, and analysts don’t see a retracement in sight for the token. Similarly, Chainlink (LINK) went bearish even though its whales were active. Investors say the best crypto to buy in Q3 2023 is ($DOMI). ($DOMI) aims to bring blockchain technology to the art industry, and the platform has multiple benefits for its token holders. Let’s explore some of them!


Litecoin ($LTC) Records Massive Post-Halving Price Dip

On August 2, 2023, Litecoin ($LTC) went through its four-year halving event. This year’s halving event saw the rewards for Litecoin ($LTC) block miners go from 12.5 tokens to 6.25 tokens. Halving events reduce the supply of Litecoin ($LTC) to the crypto market, which drives up its value. Most analysts predicted Litecoin ($LTC) would follow a historical pattern this year and surge after its halving event. However, this wasn’t the case.

Litecoin ($LTC) traded at $92.48 on August 1. After the halving event, Litecoin ($LTC) defied expert predictions and started an extended bear run. Litecoin (LTC) lost 30.35% in less than three weeks, and was trading at $64.68 on August 20. The price remains low, as of September 3 Litecoin ($LTC) is trading at $64.08. Analysts say Litecoin (LTC) will sustain its bearish trajectory until  a major market event forces a retracement.

Chainlink (LINK) Falls Despite Whale Accumulation

Recently, crypto analyst Ali Martinez revealed that whales purchased 14 million Chainlink ($LINK) tokens worth over $100 million in a single week in August 2023. Santiment (a market analytics platform) also reports that 29,000 crypto wallet addresses bought 295 million Chainlink ($LINK) tokens when it traded between $6.63 and $6.88. This whale activity made LINK one of the top crypto coins in Q3 2023.

In other news, Chainlink ($LINK) announced on August 15 that Sourcenetwork joined Chainlink ($LINK) BUILD to boost the adoption of its web3 data management layer. Despite ecosystem developments, Chainlink ($LINK) lost 17.49% in August. On August 14, Chainlink ($LINK) traded at $7.47; a week later, Chainlink ($LINK) was trading  at $6.16. As of September 3, Chainlink ($LINK) is trading at $6.04.  Due to declining investor interest, analysts say Chainlink (LINK) will stay bearish in Q3 2023. ($DOMI) Offers Mouth-Watering Benefits to the Art Industry ($DOMI) is an art marketplace seeking to democratize high-end artwork ownership. On ($DOMI), art investors from all backgrounds can buy shares in blue-chip artworks and enjoy fractional ownership and a diversified art portfolio. As a ($DOMI) holder, you get priority access to new artworks, enhanced customer support, and personalized recommendations based on your budget and plans.

In addition, ($DOMI) holders also get discounts on transaction fees and trading costs. ($DOMI) will enter its first presale stage soon, and the token will sell for $0.0021. After all presale stages, ($DOMI) will hit the crypto market and trade on major crypto exchanges for $0.0154. Savvy investors know ($DOMI) is a good crypto to buy, and early birds will eventually enjoy a 340% ROI.

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