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Stellar ($XLM) and Monero ($XMR) have been underwhelming recently, failing to register significant gains between August 14 to September 3. As these established cryptos falter, an innovative player, Domini ($DOMI), shows potential.

So let us delve into these developments: Which of the three is a good crypto to buy this August?


Stellar ($XLM) Introduces An Innovative Open-Source Payout Platform

On August 16, 2023, an announcement was made by the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF). They reported that their Blockchain-oriented payment network, Stellar ($XLM), had launched a new platform. This new Stellar ($XLM) platform enables individuals and organizations to execute bulk disbursements using digital assets for various purposes, including gig worker payments and digital aid delivery.

On August 16, the value of Stellar ($XLM) stood at $0.12. However, 4 days later, on August 20, $XLM had risen to $0.13. This signified a recovery in the price of Stellar ($XLM) of 8.3%.

As of August 20, Stellar ($XLM) was seeing some recovery.However, by September 3, Stellar ($XLM) was trading at $0.12 again.

So now you know about Stellar’s ($XLM) current situation, let’s move on to another coin worth discussing, Monero ($XMR).

Monero ($XMR) is Bearish In the Aftermath of the SEC’s Crackdown

The SEC’s regulatory measures against privacy cryptocurrencies since June 5 propelled speculative assets such as Monero’s (XMR) price to descend. Alongside, potent rivals like Zcash (ZEC) are additional factors intensifying Monero’s (XMR) decline.

Because of these factors, Monero ($XMR) experienced a downturn from June 5 up to August 20. On June 5, the price of Monero ($XMR) was $148. The price of Monero ($XMR) on August 20 was $144. This indicates a decline of 2.7%.

However, the more recent price fall has been steeper than the overall decrease since June. Monero’s ($XMR) value was observed at $165 on July 20. However, by August 20, Monero’s ($XMR) price had decreased to $144, indicating a 12.7% decrease within a month.

Considering its recent losses, Monero ($XMR) may not be the best crypto to invest in. Analysts expect the price of Monero ($XMR) to decline again, thus indicating that the coin is still bearish.

Domini ($DOMI), on the other hand, seems to have a better outlook.

Domini ($DOMI) is Expected to Witness Over 3x Gain By the Completion of Its Presale

Domini ($DOMI) has been conceived as a bridge between the traditional art market and the universe of NFTs.

Domini ($DOMI), through the use of advanced technology, democratizes access to high-value art by utilizing tokenized portions of artworks. Domini ($DOMI) acquires these artworks and digitizes their ownership on the blockchain. This makes them available to potential buyers in the form of NFTs.

The Domini ($DOMI) marketplace functions as an online gallery, showcasing a curated collection of NFTs for interested investors. Owning Domini’s proprietary token, $DOMI, is a prerequisite for entry into the marketplace.

Moreover, Domini ($DOMI) token holders don’t just get entrance. They also enjoy exclusive privileges such as promotional pricing and personalized suggestions for investment opportunities.

Domini’s ($DOMI) USP ) might incite substantial interest as the presale progresses. During this presale phase, it is anticipated that Domini ($DOMI) will escalate in value from $0.0021 to $0.00924 , signifying a 4.4x increase.

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