Crypto Trader Eyes Two Low Cap Altcoins Set to 200x in 2023

While many keep their eyes glued to the top crypto coins on the market, discerning traders are turning their attention towards rising stars in the altcoin arena. As we edge closer to 2023, InQubeta ($QUBE) and Borroe ($ROE) are emerging as potential frontrunners for exponential growth. So, what’s setting these two apart from other top altcoins and how they can propel to 200x growth? Let’s find out.

InQubeta ($QUBE) – The Future of AI Investments

InQubeta is not just another crypto platform; it’s an answer to the aspirations of countless investors wishing to stake a claim in the future of AI. Through a crowdfunding platform, InQubeta allows fractional investments in AI start-ups using the QUBE tokens, democratizing investment opportunities.

The brilliance of InQubeta lies in its recognition of the dual potential AI offers – the promise of technological progress and a unique investment opportunity. The platform leverages the QUBE token, an ERC20 coin, to facilitate this vision. Every QUBE transaction involves a 2% tax directed to a burn wallet and another 5% tax allocated to a dedicated reward pool. This structure not only promises rewards to token stakers but also underscores the token’s investment appeal.

Moreover, as a governance token, $QUBE holders aren’t passive spectators. They play a pivotal role in shaping the platform’s trajectory, having a say in everything from its operation to future prospects. With over $3 million amassed in its ongoing presale and the token’s value surging with each round, QUBE is undeniably an altcoin to watch for exponential growth.

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Borroe ($ROE) – The Web3 Financial Beacon for Digital Creators

The world’s first invoice discounting NFT marketplace comes as a breath of fresh air for businesses. No longer do they have to wait on prolonged payment cycles. By minting NFTs signifying future revenues, businesses can raise cash efficiently. Moreover, the AI-powered nature of Borroe.Finance ensures real-time fundraising updates and seamless risk assessment.

However, the real stroke of genius lies in Borroe’s introduction of a peer-to-peer ecosystem. This not only enables businesses to sell their invoices but also offers buyers a chance to trade these NFTs in secondary markets.

Borroe.Finance governance token, $ROE, adds another layer of appeal. Besides the obvious transactional value, holding $ROE bestows numerous benefits. These range from discounted fees and priority notifications to access to a treasure trove of advanced analytics. Borroe’s 3% buy/sell tax strategy aligns with the deflationary model, offering a sustainable value proposition. Given all these advantages, it’s no wonder $ROE is one of the best crypto investments in 2023.


The crypto arena is always in flux, with potential game-changers emerging at every corner. As 2023 looms, InQubeta, with its AI-centric vision, looks poised to lead the charge.

While Borroe’s Web3 financial solutions make it a contender, it’s InQubeta that truly represents the future convergence of AI and blockchain. For those looking to invest in the future, both projects seem to be the prime candidates to deliver on their promises.

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