Could the BlackRock ETF Application Stop BTC and LTC from Dropping? Big Eyes Infinity Sees 500% ROI

The cryptocurrency sphere is filled with chatter as the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) leisurely reviews the BlackRock ETF application. This scenario is exacerbated by the declining values of well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC).

While the cryptocurrency community anxiously observes these developments, significant questions hang in the air: Could the prospective advantages of a Bitcoin ETF surpass the growing uncertainties? Is it time for steadfast investors to consider meme coin presale gems like Big Eyes Infinity (BIGINF)?

BlackRock ETF Application Still Needs SEC’s Blessing

Grayscale ended August with a bang, courtesy of its victorious tussle with the SEC over its spot Bitcoin ETF proposal. Since that legal triumph, we’ve witnessed a resurgence of applications flooding in. Leading the charge is BlackRock, a multinational asset management that boasts over $8 trillion in funds under its wing. It boldly staked its claim by tossing in an application for a spot Bitcoin ETF on June 15.

Moreover, BlackRock crowns Coinbase as its crypto custodian and spot market data provider, while BNY Mellon is the trusty cash keeper. Rather punctually, the SEC accepted BlackRock’s application on July 15. True to form, the agency has decided to take its sweet time in making a decision. Analysts now place bets on whether the SEC will decide on an ETF in 2024.

The prospect of a Bitcoin ETF getting the green light is exciting for mainstream adoption. Yet, it’s also causing some nervous nail-biting about market stability and protecting investors. We’re all curious about how this ETF drama might affect meme tokens like Big Eyes Infinity.

Bitcoin and Litecoin’s Dip Amid Shaky Market

Grayscale’s victory was a sparkler on a birthday cake: it lit up the crypto market briefly, but the sizzle didn’t last long. Our trusty giants, Bitcoin and Litecoin, entered September with a bit of a bruise, sporting shades of red, signaling that investors are hitting the sell button.

BTC, the quintessential crypto king, has hit a patch of turbulence. Consequently, analysts are whispering about a possible nosedive to $22,000, attributing it to the pending approval for BTC derivatives. Meanwhile, LTC has been attempting to steal the spotlight with notable price movements and a surge in trading volume. Unfortunately, it’s still grappling with the menacing bears.

In this topsy-turvy market, meme coin presale projects like Big Eyes Infinity offer a unique blend of entertainment and investment potential. BIGINF boasts an endearing theme adorned with whimsical cats and operates on the secure ERC-20 protocol, ensuring a safe user experience.

BIGINF fans eagerly await the debut of 819Casino by September-end. Featuring over 5,000 play-to-earn (P2E) games, it’s a gamer’s paradise where you can play and earn. Big Eyes’ GameFi (gaming finance) voyage promises increased trading volume for BIGINF, inevitably boosting the value of the meme token and fortifying its stronghold in the arena.

Big Eyes Infinity Is A Prudent Choice During A Bearish Market

The world of Big Eyes Infinity sizzles with anticipation as it kicks off its four-month-long presale extravaganza. This event is carefully divided into four meticulously timed stages, commencing at 0.00006 and poised to reach an exciting 0.00036. The potential for profits here is simply staggering, with the opportunity to multiply your investment by up to 500%!

Simultaneously, BIGINF introduces a 1:1 Match Guarantee, which, as the name suggests, matches the number of tokens purchased by a buyer. These tokens, acquired through this feature, will become available shortly after the official launch of BIGINF and will be visible on the 819Casino platform.

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Secure Your Assets!

In a volatile crypto landscape, the fate of Bitcoin and Litecoin hinges on the SEC’s decision regarding the BlackRock ETF application. As these giants face turbulence, meme tokens like Big Eyes Infinity offer an intriguing investment avenue.

Whether you decide to test your luck with $BIGINF or wait for $BTC and $LTC to bounce back, one universal truth remains: you ought to stay updated and navigate the crypto waters carefully.


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