Coinbase CEO on company’s next steps, why crypto will be a ‘hot topic’ in 2024 WH race

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong (COIN) is shedding a little light on what his company is working on next. Armstrong tells Yahoo Finance Executive Editor Brian Sozzi about the company’s recently launched Base layer 2 blockchain network and things like flatcoin, which he says Coinbase isn’t working on yet, but is interested in.

One of the issues facing the crypto industry is the lack of regulatory clarity. Armstrong says there are a few ways the industry to get some clarity, such as through the courts, congress, and the CFTC. He also suggests there could be a new SEC chair in 2024. Armstrong told Sozzi earlier in the interview that it “would certainly help” the industry if Gary Gensler were no longer SEC Chair, which would likely happen if a Republican were to defeat President Joe Biden in 2024. When it comes to the 2024 race, Armstrong thinks crypto could be a “hot topic” in the race for the White House, with Americans holding candidates’ feet to the fire to hear their positions on the issue.

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