Borroe’s successful presale humbles Cosmos and Monero

Cosmos ($ATOM) and Monero ($XMR) recorded massive ecosystem developments in August 2023. While Cosmos got new tools for block construction, Monero investors got a new mining machine. However, investors agree that the best crypto to invest in in 2023 is Borroe ($ROE). Borroe raised $250,000, and the token is currently in its first presale stage. Let’s delve into the unique utilities of Borroe.      

Borroe ($ROE) sells over 31M tokens in the first presale stage

Borroe, the world’s pioneering web3 blockchain platform for invoice discounting NFTs. In its role as a decentralized fundraising marketplace, Borroe ($ROE) allows web3 businesses to quickly access capital by offering their forthcoming digital revenue streams for sale. Web3 participants and content creators have the ability to transform their future subscriptions, royalties, invoices, & digital payments into popular NFTs, which they can then offer to their supportive communities at discounted rates.

In addition, Borroe ($ROE) incorporated AI risk assessment, efficient payment solutions, and blockchain technology into its protocol to ensure Borroe remains a safe and secure fundraising platform. $ROE is selling for $0.0125, and the token will surge 20% by its next presale stage. At the end of presales, Borroe will list on major crypto exchanges, sell for $0.0400, and deliver a massive ROI to early investors.  


Cosmos ($ATOM) block builders get new tools

Recently, a blockchain infrastructure provider, Skip Protocol, launched a new software development kit for Cosmos block builders. This new kit, called The Block SDK, enhances the meme pool layer while allowing app chains to tailor block space to their needs. In the past, Cosmos chains depended on CometBFT for block constructions. 

Today, The Block SDK gives Cosmos ($ATOM) block builders a better option.

Maghnus Mareneck (CEO of Skip Protocol) said SDK allows individual blockchains to segment their blocks into distinct lanes. Despite this development, $ATOM traded at $7.56 on August 21, 2023, and lost 4.20% in seven days. Analysts say Cosmos ($ATOM) chains are expanding, and the token may record a surge thanks to new entrants.

Monero ($XMR) gets a new mining machine

On August 27, 2023, Bitmain, one of the world’s best cryptocurrency mining rig manufacturers, revealed its intention to sell a professional Monero ASIC Antminer X5 mining rig. Bitmain said this machine is the first professional Monero ($XMR) miner available and has a hashrate of 212 kilo hash per second. The new Monero X5 rig will go on sale by September 4, and Bitmain has yet to reveal the product’s price.

In addition, CryptoDep rated Monero as one of the top altcoins by social volume in August 2023. However, Monero went bearish in the fourth week of August. $XMR traded at $148 on August 21. Analysts say that Monero may record a price dip in the coming months as more Monero ($XMR) miners emerge thanks to the new Monero X5 rig.   

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