5 Altcoins That Are Expected to Soar High In September 2023

The altcoin market always is hot and dynamic. That’s because the influx of coins never really stops. Every year, crypto users see plenty of tokens come and go. But those that are truly useful keep gaining traction.

Every month, analysts share their insights about the best coins to invest in. They study the trends, the markets, and the important trends. Based on the knowledge they obtain through evaluation, they tell you the best altcoins to invest in.

Altcoins That are Likely to Reap Profits in 2023

Experts have come up with this list after due evaluation. These tokens are expected to do well this month. However, investors must use these suggestions to complement their evaluation and not form the foundation of their choices.


CyberConnect functions like a toolkit for developers working on Web3 social media projects. Over the last few months, it has returned over 150% and performed exceptionally well. As per the price prediction, the token will see a surge this month. Its market capitalization is $105 Million along with the year-to-date gains of 600%. It is trading at $10 (press time).


Ethereum is the biggest altcoin in terms of market cap and various other factors. It is updated regularly. Its market capitalization is $201.45 Bilion and YTD gains are +37%. As per the price prediction, ETH is going to be bullish this month. 


Solana was developed to be faster and more efficient than Ethereum. On the technical front, it has achieved quite a few feats. Recently, the platform has been in the news for a number of good reasons. Its market capitalization is $17 Billion with 98% YTD gains. Many experts including Coincodex anticipated Solana to gain great profits. 


Avalanche is a layer-1 blockchain developed to accelerate transaction speed. Notably, it has tied up with various global corporations to take the technology further. In addition to that, its price surpassed the $120 mark during the bullish run the last time. Its market capitalization is $3 Billion with a YTD of -8%. The price prediction is that $AVAX will do well this month.


Another Layer-1 network that was created to improve crypto payments globally. Since its launch, XRP has been one of the most high-valued digital assets. Even when the platform is embroiled in a legal battle with the SEC, it’s doing great. Its market capitalization is $26 Billion with 50% YTD gains. Price predictions are favorable. 


The year so far has been pleasant for the crypto sector. While there are heightened talks about regulations, prospects of an ETF have also gained popularity. And the impact of all this is clearly seen in the tokens’ performance. Not only are they gaining value, but they are also becoming more useful. Evidently, the vision of crypto adoption is becoming more real. As a result, crypto users are feeling elated like never before. 

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