3 Coins Set to Moon in 2023: Ethereum, NEO, and Domini.art ($DOMI)

The cryptocurrency market has long been dominated by legacy coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. $ETH remains the second most-popular cryptocurrency with its ability to support other tokens on its ERC-20 network while providing solid infrastructure for the execution of decentralized smart contracts.

Another open-source blockchain network that appeals to the developer community is NEO, popularly known as the “Chinese Ethereum Killer.” However, among these major giants, Domini ($DOMI) has gained immense traction due to its unique proposal of bridging the gap between traditional art ownership through blockchain technology. Its unique design allows art enthusiasts and investors to own a fraction of valuable artworks. $DOMI has emerged as one of the best cryptocurrency investments this year.


Domini Leverages Blockchain Technology and Fractionalization to Disrupt Traditional Art Ownership 

Domini ($DOMI) is a newly launched cryptocurrency project that has the potential to disrupt the traditional art market. The project aims to bridge the gap between traditional art ownership and blockchain technology by curating a platform that allows investors to indulge in fractional ownership of high-end blue-chip artwork. The team’s primary goal is to democratize art ownership by allowing people from all walks of life to acquire a fraction of the prestigious artworks, earlier available to only the privileged ones.

The Domini platform makes this possible by tokenizing artworks as NFTs and storing them in a secure vault to maintain their integrity. These high-end blue-chip artworks curated by a team of renowned artists are broken into affordable units through fractionalization and made available to investors. Investors can acquire fractions of the artwork’s NFT using their native token $DOMI

$DOMI ranks among the top cryptocurrencies to invest in because of its deflationary nature and well-designed incentive structure. 2% of the buy and sell tax of every $DOMI transaction is allocated to the burn wallet to enhance its value. The holders of the $DOMI token enjoy several benefits like a tiered membership, early access to artwork offerings, and discounts and promotions. 

Domini ($DOMI) is in its early stages and investors can enjoy the advantages of its current lower prices during the presale stages. Many analysts have predicted a potential rise in price for $DOMI in the long term. 

Ethereum: Leading Ecosystem for Smart Contracts 

Ethereum is a decentralized smart contract platform that allows developers to create their own special applications called decentralized applications (dApps). The Ethereum network is now the leading platform for hosting cryptocurrency projects. It allows users to write and run software that remains resilient to fraud, censorship, and downtime.

The network is governed by its native cryptocurrency, Ether, known by the ticker symbol $ETH. It can be staked by the validators to verify transactions within the network and earn rewards. Being the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap after Bitcoin, ETH is considered one of the top crypto investments. Under the new PoS protocol, validators are chosen to create new blocks based on the amount of ETH they hold and are willing to stake as collateral. The network requires holders to stake at least 32 ETH to participate in the block validation process.

The Ethereum Foundation recently announced the results of the ERC-4337 account abstraction grant round initiative. It will support 18 teams that are currently building on ERC-4337. Account abstraction protocols such as ERC-4337 help users navigate the Ethereum network without the need to possess private keys or maintain ETH balance in their accounts.  It also opens the door for multi-signature wallets. Analysts say the possibility of an Ethereum Spot ETF happening next year is very high, particularly if the $BTC ETF proceeds as expected. This could push the price of $ETH to as high as $10,000. 

NEO’s Dual-Token Blockchain Ranks Among Top Cryptocurrency Coins 

The NEO ecosystem has two native tokens performing different functions: the first token, GAS, permits use of the NEO blockchain, and the second token, $NEO, allows the right to manage the blockchain. This means that the holder of a NEO token has the right to participate in both the on-chain and off-chain governance structure. Through the on-chain governance process, holders can vote for a change in the network’s protocol and receive $GAS tokens as an incentive for staking $NEO.

For off-chain governance, decisions can be voiced to the NEO council responsible for making and implementing both strategic and technical changes. Recently, the Neo blockchain announced a mainnet upgrade that will bring many new features such as support to find contracts by contract ID. The new upgrade will be completed by 20 September. The developer community and analysts are excited about NEO’s long-term prospects in light of the recent upgrade. As long as $NEO holds its market cap ranking in the Top 100 Coins, analysts believe it still holds excellent upside potential in the next bull run.  


Investors should look no further than these three top cryptocurrency coins to supercharge their portfolios. Domini ($DOMI)’s artwork platform which is dedicated to the NFT marketplace is being hailed as one of the best altcoins to buy now. Domini ($DOMI)’s innovative project is backed by a unique disruptive business idea that has the potential to generate potentially huge returns in the long term. The well-structured reward plans have grabbed the attention of not only investors but also artwork enthusiasts globally. 

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