10 Ways to Mine Bitcoin for Free

This article gathers 10 ways to earn free Bitcoin and grow your crypto portfolio

Due to its popularity among other currencies, Bitcoin has become a preferred option for investors. Everyone, experienced or novice, would choose Bitcoin as their first investment choice. The popularity of Bitcoin has increased in part because of its promising returns. In this post, let’s see how to add Bitcoin to your crypto portfolio without paying a single rupee.

  1. Airdrops: One of the simplest methods to mine Bitcoin is through airdrops. To achieve this, crypto investors must follow Bitcoin news by subscribing to its newsletter and following it on social media.

  2. Staking– Staking entails keeping a currency in a wallet for an extended period of time. A few sites provide free Bitcoin earning opportunities as part of their portfolio maintenance plans.

  3. Cloud mining – In this programme, several sites provide cloud mining services in addition to free Bitcoin. Cloud mining is a method for mining cryptocurrencies.

  4. Referral programs– Recently launched cryptocurrency projects announce referral programs. By exposing their currencies to the cryptocurrency community, these programs give free Bitcoin.

  5. Cryptocurrency faucets– Cryptocurrency faucets are platforms that offer free Bitcoin. User typically need to accomplish certain task like clicking ads and/or solving captcha.

  6. Bounties– Bounties are one of the typical ways to earn free Bitcoin. Blockchain projects offer free Bitcoin in return to writing code, project marketing, and bug hunting.

  7. Telegram– A few groups in telegram offer free Bitcoin for active community members. Users can participate in discussion, help others, and share knowledge in Telegram and thus earn Bitcoin.

  8. Bitcoin mining applications– Bitcoin mining applications offer free Bitcoin. These applications allow users to mine Bitcoin without any upfront investment.

  9. Crypto credit card– A few crypto credit cards provide rewards to users, through which free Bitcoin can be earned.

  10. Earn Bitcoin interest– Users can earn free Bitcoin through their already owned Bitcoin in wallet as an interest.