10 September Bitcoin price predictions from expert analysts and new altcoins rising in dominance


September has often been one of the worst months for Bitcoin in previous cycles –  BTC has recorded severe losses for six straight years in this month and after a disastrous August, the crypto market outlook is distinctly bearish. 

Despite the upcoming Bitcoin halving, there are a bevy of factors that are painting a gloomy picture for the largest cryptocurrency. The SEC delayed all pending spot ETF applications, including BlackRock despite Grayscale’s historic victory. 

Furthermore, the Federal Reserve appears set to continue with more interest rate hikes, especially after the oil prices and the US Dollar Index continue to climb. 

While Bitcoin continues to struggle near the $25,800 price mark, presale tokens like Bitcoin BSC, Wall Street Memes and Launchpad XYZ are showing bullish strength and could outperform the bearish crypto market. 

September Bitcoin price predictions

Let’s dive into some recent Bitcoin price predictions from popular crypto traders and notable analysts for the month of September. 

Benjamin Cowen

Benjamin Cowen, the founder of Into The Cryptoverse, believes that Bitcoin could depreciate to trade near the $23K price mark by the end of September. 

In a video titled “Wake Me Up When September Ends”, Cowen explains that the pre-halving months are bad for both the bulls and the bears. However, any relief rally will be short-lived and the largest cryptocurrency would soon sweep the lows at $23K. 

He also highlighted that BTC may soon face strong selling pressure due to the upcoming “death cross” as the 50-day Simple Moving Average is set to fall below the 200-day Simple Moving Average.

Anthony Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano of Pompliano Investments is a famous entrepreneur and Bitcoin investor who has more than 1.6 million followers on Twitter. According to him, September’s bearish price action will be short-lived as the crypto market will soon be in a multi-trillion dollar bull run. 

In an interview with Fox Business, Pompliano revealed that the SEC will likely approve all Bitcoin ETF applications at the same time which would be important for a fair market competition between the TradFi giants. 

As a result, he predicts that the BTC will soon replicate a 2020 bull run and will surge “hundreds of percent”.

Michael van de Poppe

Michael van de Poppe, the CEO and co-founder of MN Trading who has close to 700K followers on Twitter, believes that Bitcoin could slide below the $23K price level in September. 


He believes that the token’s descent will start after dropping the crucial $25,700 support –  if the bulls manage to hold the next $24,700 support, it could serve as a solid entry point. On the flip side, losing it would result in BTC tumbling down to the $23K mark, possibly even $20K. 

However, he is bullish on Bitcoin in the long term and believes that September could be the last good buying opportunity before next year’s bull run. 

Ran Neuner

Ran Neuner is the founder of Crypto Banter and is a renowned CNBC crypto trader who has more than 720K followers on Twitter. Neuner is one of the few experts who believe that Bitcoin will end the month of September in green

He believes that there is too much going for Bitcoin for it to replicate previous cycles’ bearish price action. In fact, he recently made another bold prediction when he guaranteed that both Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs would be approved this year. 

If his prediction is true, BTC could easily break its current resistance of $26K and potentially retest the $30K price mark. 

Lark Davis

Lark Davis, the founder of Wealth Mastery who has over 1.1 Million followers on Twitter also believes that Bitcoin could face a rough September due to the worsening global macroeconomic conditions. 

He highlighted that the increasing likelihood of a global recession, along with the rising oil prices could create a no-win situation for risk assets like Bitcoin. The skyrocketing strength of the US Dollar could also spell trouble for BTC. 

He believes that the $25K price level is a huge supply support for Bitcoin, and a breakdown could result in the token falling below the $20,500 price mark. 

Rekt Capital

The Rekt Capital newsletter is one of the most trusted sources for unique crypto market insights and has over 350K followers on its Twitter account. 


According to its founder, Bitcoin will likely experience a drawdown of 7% – 10% in September, which would result in the price trading near the $22,500 mark. He also reveals that the BTC could drop down to $20,000 to fill the CME gap at $19500 – $20900 price levels. 

According to him, the $26,000 price is now acting as the new resistance and any upside would require the bulls to breach that level.


Popular analyst @CryptoTony_, who has over 335K followers on Twitter and is typically extremely bullish on Bitcoin, believes that the largest cryptocurrency will soon bottom at the $20,000 price mark

In fact, he believes that BTC could see a surge to $28K first before a strong reversal in the other direction. He also sees a strong possibility for Bitcoin to fill the CME gap between $20,300 and $21,000 levels. 

According to him, the only chance of a relief rally would depend upon the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy. He highlights the release of the CPI inflation data on the 13th of September and the FOMC meeting on the 20th of September as high-volatility events. 

Doctor Profit

Popular crypto trader @DrProfitCrypto is extremely bearish on BTC in the short term – he revealed that he shorted the token when it was trading as high as $31K. 

Doctor Profit

He states that September will be a “month of blood” and that any potential upside would require BTC to sweep the lows at the $23,500 price mark. 

According to him, fake pumps like the one after Grayscale’s victory over the SEC are just noise to trick both the bulls and the bears. Indeed, BTC retraced its entire Grayscale pump in a day and continues to face a severe liquidity crunch. 

Daan crypto trades

Expert crypto technical analyst @DaanCrypto, who has close to 350K followers on Twitter, believes that BTC is giving “September 2021 vibes”, a month during which it corrected 7%. If his prediction holds, Bitcoin could plummet to the $23,900 price mark. 

He reveals that BTC is front-running the lows and is failing to get above its monthly open. He also highlights that any volatility is short-lived, which continues to shed both long and short BTC positions. 

According to him, the $25.5K price level is a critical support for Bitcoin and any further breakdown would result in a sharp bearish movement. 


Popular crypto trader @EmperorBTC, who has close to 400K followers on Twitter, sees a strong possibility for Bitcoin to plunge into the $23,000 – $24,000 price range. 

He believes that the crypto market is in a winter and is not offering much potential upside. According to him, an accumulation strategy could be ideal during the current period since BTC is expected to hit the $70K mark in the next 2 to 3 years. 

Bitcoin BSC Presale gathers momentum as Bitcoin struggles, token surges past $150K milestone

In light of Bitcoin’s recent struggles, various Bitcoin clones are gaining traction, with the new Bitcoin BSC token emerging as the standout choice. 


The $BTCBSC token is offering a faster, cheaper and energy-efficient version of Bitcoin, that too at BTC’s 2011 price of $0.99. As a result, it is generating tremendous hype and FOMO in its ICO, with over $161K worth of tokens already sold out in just 2 days. 

The Bitcoin BSC project is designed to simulate BTC’s meteoric rise since 2011 – it has a maximum token supply of 21 million, with 6.125 Million tokens available in the presale itself. Thus, the presale has a hard cap of just $6.063 million, which is likely to sell out extremely quickly. 

The remaining 61% of the token supply will be distributed as staking rewards over a 120-year period, in accordance with Bitcoin’s mining schedule. The Bitcoin BSC staking pool will pay out highly lucrative rewards every 10 minutes, with token holders currently earning an astounding 3100% APY. 

$BTCBSC is built on the flexible and powerful BNB Smart Chain and utilises the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. As a result, its transactions are much faster than Bitcoin and require negligible fees for competition. 

Furthermore, its BEP-20 design makes it easier for investors to trade and store the token due to its seamless compatibility with existing crypto dApps such as MetaMask and Trust Wallet. 

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Wall Street Memes Token scores multiple Tier-1 listings – Could it be the next Pepe?

The Wall Street Memes Token is nearing the end of its ICO and investors are now rushing to maximise their $WSM holdings before its highly-anticipated launch. The token has already raised over $25 Million in just over 3 months and is expected to add hundreds of thousands more before the completion of its presale phase. 


The project has announced that the Wall Street Memes token will go live on several Tier-1 exchanges, which is almost always an extremely bullish signal for a new token. As a result, popular crypto trader Jude Umeano, who has close to 100K subscribers on YouTube, is calling $WSM the next big thing in the meme coin market. 

The token’s stellar performance in its presale is not surprising, considering the global brand value of the Wall Street Memes group. It is the trendiest trading community on the internet and has a million-strong social media army. Even Elon Musk is a fan of its Twitter account. 

The token has also emerged as a top choice for retail investors, thanks to its stake-to-earn feature that is offering an APY of 69%.

The developer team behind the project also has strong expertise in the Web3 space – its Wall St Bulls NFT collection sold out in just 32 minutes, netting a cool $2.5 Million. 

Now, the Wall Street Memes token is targeting to be the next meme coin to hit the $1 Billion market capitalization. 

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Exciting new Web3 portal “launchpad XYZ” approaches $2 million in impressive Presale

The crypto market is currently in choppy waters and can be intimidating for even experienced traders, let alone beginners. However, Launchpad XYZ is offering a wide range of tools to help users navigate the complexities of the market and gain a competitive edge in the world of crypto trading. 


For example, it is often difficult for new traders to differentiate between real gems like Pepe and Floki from other scams and pump-and-dump tokens. However, the Launchpad Quotient feature allots a score of confidence to a large number of crypto assets, ensuring that users do not miss out on the next big opportunity. 

Similarly, Launchpad’s TradingEdge platform helps investors make informed decisions in real-time through the help of sentiment analysis and the latest crypto news. 

The project has even offered limited-time access to its alpha calls group on Telegram, which has already delivered on several successful trade setups like Elon 2.0 which delivered 29x gains. 

The Launchpad XYZ ecosystem is not all about trading as well, instead, it’s a portal to all things Web3 – the platform offers its own Web3 wallet, a decentralised exchange, a premium NFT marketplace, a play-to-earn gaming hub, etc. 

Investors have been quick to recognise the project’s potential, with its $LPX native token already raising over $1.6 Million in its ICO. Presale buyers will also earn a generous 18% bonus and NFT-based premium access passes that can unlock more exclusive benefits. 

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