Ripple vs. SEC: Pro-XRP Lawyer Says He Will Be Shocked if Decision Not Made by End of September

John Deaton, the legal representative advocating for XRP token holders in the ongoing Ripple Vs SEC lawsuit, has now outlined a fresh timeline forecasting when the judge might pass a summary judgment. The XRP community is currently abuzz with anticipation as they eagerly await the final verdict of the prolonged lawsuit.

In conversation with 3T Warrier Academy, Deaton said, “I will be shocked if we did not get a decision from the Judge by the end of September. I will absolutely be shocked and I don’t see that happening. Not a decision of this magnitude. There is no reason for this case to have not settled by now. I think it is possible that Ripple gets a good clean victory.”

During his speech at the Dubai Fintech Summit, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse shared his anticipation of receiving the final court decision. He also revealed that the company has already expended $200 million in its defense against the lawsuit. Garlinghouse emphasized the importance of regulatory clarity from US authorities to prevent the country from lagging behind in blockchain technology adoption. 

A few days ago, Garlinghouse had said, “In terms of where things stand today, I’ll try not to get too much into the legal wigs. You’re right that I feel very confident that we’ll see a decision from the court this year. In fact, I’ll guess in weeks, not months.”

It is worth noting that Deaton, Jeremy Hogan, and James Filan had made predictions about when the SEC lawsuit would end. Hogan and Filan expected Judge Analisa Torres to make a decision by March 31, 2023, while Deaton speculated it would be resolved by May 6, 2023. However,  Judge Torres has not yet issued a final verdict to conclude the lawsuit.