Top 5 Crypto Presales To Invest In Now

There are enough examples of crypto tokens with successful presale stages that later went on to clock record-breaking market capitalizations and an uptick in user activity. If a cryptocurrency project raises a high amount in presale funds, it is also an indication of the efforts that the team is putting in to make it a success. Take the example of DigiToads which is an Ethereum-powered meme coin that has been grabbing the headlines with its rave reviews and a large number of buyers during the presale stages. The token’s fourth presale stage is in full swing and within just three presale stages, it has managed to raise more than $2.1 million. The beginner cryptocurrency is currently the most popular in the cryptoverse mainly because of its state-of-the-art features which bring you a world of opportunities on a single interface. You might be a newbie or an experienced cryptocurrency user, DigiToads can cater to everyone’s requirements with equal efficiency. We bring you a list of five cryptocurrencies that have achieved remarkable success in the presale stages and have been in the news for all the right reasons.

1. DigiToads: A cryptocurrency aimed at all categories of users

DigiToads is an exciting cryptocurrency for beginners that many analysts have described as an underdog with a bright future. Its USP is its economic design that encapsulates the best features of three kinds of cryptocurrencies — a Web 3.0 game, a stake-to-earn platform, and a meme coin – to provide its users an opportunity to score passive income through multiple sources. You can stake assets like NFTs, trade crypto tokens, enter trading competitions, and win rewards by playing its flagship Web 3.0 game. To start enjoying these opportunities, one would have to acquire its native token TOADS, which can be easily bought on presale. Users should know that the team has divided the presale into 10 stages. So far, it has completed three stages and as it gets ready to close the fourth stage, users should watch out for the next six stages as the TOADS tokens are likely to sell out very soon. The cryptocurrency ico has made it easy for anyone to buy the TOADS token as all leading alt coins can be accepted as payment. TOADS token is widely considered the best crypto for beginners by many experts.

What sets this latest ico apart from other meme coins is the trading competitions that it plans every month. These contests help the team in choosing the most skilled traders in the DigiToads community who will, later on, be helping the team run the treasury fund. To win a trading competition, a user has to earn the highest profit margin in the community while trading the TOADS token for a month. The winners will get a Platinum Toad as a prize which will unlock remote access to a part of the treasury fund. As there will be 12 trading competitions in a year, each Platinum Toad would unlock remote access to 1/12 of the treasury fund. Moreover, the winners will be given a 10% share of the trading profits that they book during the month as an incentive for expanding the treasury. These contests not only ensure high trade volume on the network but also encourage community members to trade more tokens.

DigiToads has an ace up its sleeve which is its Web 3.0 game. You can participate in this exciting game by acquiring a DigiToad – which is a virtual creature to help you defeat other players in a swamp in the Metaverse. To get your hands on one of these DigiToads, you can buy them or trade them. Additionally, you can purchase training equipment, food, and potions to make them stronger. To buy these items, the player must own TOADS tokens. Half of their sale proceeds go towards maintaining the prize pool. The winners are announced at the end of the season and those bagging the highest scores are given TOADS tokens as a prize.

Not to forget, there are exciting giveaways and prizes to be won on the platform as well. And, all you have to do is actively interact with the platform. Apart from weekly and daily prizes, DigiToads users can win a mega prize of $50,000. In addition, the team will announce giveaways during the presale stage in lots of $1,000, $2,000, and $5,000.

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2. Open Campus: Ramping up educational tools with blockchain

If you are a content creator working in the field of education, Open Campus is a good crypto to buy, if analysts are to be believed. It has been envisaged as a community-centric platform for designing bespoke educational content that can drive impact. With Open Campus, content creators can utilize the platform for building knowledge-based content and own its promotional rights by converting it into an NFT. As more community members purchase the NFTs, content creators, and their publishers can earn revenue. In case there are multiple publishers, the rewards will be divided in accordance with their contributions. Another reason why Open Campus is considered a top crypto to invest in is that it gives philanthropists a chance to support educational initiatives through donations. They can also track their donations using Open Campus’ Smart Donations feature. The platform’s native token EDU doubles up as a governance token. The token will be used for rewarding publishers and content creators and minting NFTs, among other uses. EDU token holders will be eligible for moving and voting for proposals in the community.

3. CoinZix: Crypto trading made easy

CoinZix has all the qualities that one would want in a beginner cryptocurrency. It’s reliable, easy to use, and guarantees top-notch security for transactions. With 70+ cryptocurrencies to choose from, CoinZix makes for a dependable cryptocurrency exchange where there are quite a few offerings for users to expand their portfolio and learn new skills. One would need to buy the platform’s native token ZIX to access any of these opportunities. You can purchase and swap tokens at affordable rates and can try your hand at spot trading by trading any kind of asset on ConZix’s cutting-edge interface. If you are not confident about your spot trading skills yet, you can first try your skills in demo mode. Not only is it fast and secure, but it also doesn’t charge you a fortune in the name of fees.

4. SANGO: CAR’s official digital currency

The SANGO token is among the new alt coins rolled out recently. Its claim to fame is that it is the official digital currency of the Central African Republic (CAR). It has been rolled out as part of a unique initiative by the country’s government to create a crypto hub. It has been built on a secure blockchain layer that is powered by Bitcoin. The token’s ownership can open many doors for its holders including access to government schemes and a CAR citizenship. Any SANGO coin holder can apply for CAR citizenship by locking tokens worth $60,000 for five years as collateral. After five years, the tokens are returned to the owner. Along with the citizenship, token holders would be getting an official CAR passport. The best part is that SANGO token holders are exempted from paying any tax on cryptocurrencies once they become official citizens of the country. Moreover, one can also apply for e-residency in CAR by owning SANGO coins. To apply, one would have to deposit tokens worth $60,000 for three years. As most of the land in the country is owned by the government, it is looking to re-distribute land ownership via investments in SANGO coins. If you are a SANGO token holder, you can acquire a property in the CAR simply by depositing tokens worth $10,000 as a security for 10 years. The tokens are returned to the owners after the lock-in period ends.

5. The Unfettered: A play-to-earn game with spectacular graphics

The Unfettered is a leading GameFi platform where players can win crypto tokens as rewards by performing well in games. The platform has been developed with the main aim of enabling more gaming enthusiasts to switch to Web 3.0 games and explore its potential. The high-quality gameplay is supported by a thrilling storyline and spectacular graphics. What amps up the gaming experience is the use of Unreal Engine 4. All in-game rewards will be in terms of SOULS, which is the native token of the platform. Token holders will also be involved in the decision-making process to shape how the gameplay develops over time. In addition, players can look forward to acquiring NFTs in the game, putting them up for sale or even renting them out to other players.

Why is DigiToads among 2023’s top cryptocurrencies?

The above-mentioned list of new alt coins can serve the twin advantage of boosting your gains and also diversifying your portfolio. At the same time, with their user-friendly interfaces, these crypto tokens will help brush up your trading skills and make informed decisions. With a terrific presale event, these projects have set the ball rolling for a highly successful growth rate in the future. These coins owe their success to next-generation models that leverage pioneering technologies and a robust security mechanism. While these tokens have their strengths, DigiToads is arguably the leader of the pack given how its economic framework seeks to maximize users’ gains. Among the new alt coins, DigiToads has got the best reviews as analysts laud its mix of functionality and versatility. As far as prospects go, experts feel that the TOADS token can be a good addition to the portfolio of those crypto users who are eyeing long-term gains. They suggest that the token price has the potential to cross 30x in the coming months once it gets listed on major exchanges. However, consider diversifying your portfolio in order to reduce risk. Investing in a token during the presale stages can potentially provide King-sized gains in the long term.

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