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A potential victory for Ripple over the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) looms large following the crucial Hinman ruling. These eagerly-awaited documents are set to be released on June 13. Could this make the SEC’s legal argument insurmountable?

What Is Going On Now?

Ripple stands on the brink of a significant legal triumph over the SEC, having effectively contested the commission’s move to seal the “Hinman speech documents.” This set of records includes preliminary drafts and correspondence related to a presentation delivered by William Hinman, a previous SEC Director. Strikingly, Hinman’s speech contradicts the very legal foundation upon which the SEC aims to charge Ripple.

Ripple advocates assert that Hinman’s speech is concrete evidence that the SEC did not categorize ether (ETH) as a security when Hinman addressed his audience. As a result, Ripple’s legal team is relentlessly pursuing further insight into Hinman’s deductions, as it may influence XRP’s designation.

The SEC’s Defence: An Exercise in Damage Control?

The SEC’s recent submission attempted to validate its desire for discretion. The commission posited that the documents bore no relevance to the motions for summary judgment. Moreover, it expressed concerns about potential damage to its institutional interests should these documents be disclosed.

Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, was swift to convey his delight at the ruling. On social media, he announced this as “another win for transparency,” assuring that unedited Hinman emails would be publicly accessible soon.

Industry Reaction: A Ripple Effect?

Responses from the crypto community and legal circles were immediate. John Deaton, a managing partner of the Deaton Law Firm, stated: “It’s evident that comments within the Hinman emails starkly counteract the SEC’s arguments.” 

Earlier, Deaton had forecast that the Ripple case wouldn’t be resolved due to the contents of the Hinman emails. However, he suggested that the SEC appears to have come to terms with the inevitability of these documents’ public release.

Deaton also voiced skepticism about whether SEC Chair Gary Gensler would publicly recognize that ongoing and future XRP sales do not constitute securities. Likewise, it seems improbable that Ripple would consent to a settlement unless the SEC concedes to these terms.

A Ripple Effect on the Crypto Industry?

Should Ripple and the SEC reach a settlement, the resolution may not provide comprehensive clarity regarding similar digital assets. Much conjecture about Ripple’s inclination to settle hinges on whether it would persist in championing the industry’s cause.

Undoubtedly, the Hinman victory engenders optimism that Ripple will continue its battle. Moreover, the documents present a legal rationale for rebuffing the categorization of cryptocurrencies as securities, fostering hopes of a significant ripple effect across the industry.

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