The 5 Most Exciting Stocks and Cryptos to Follow

As 2023 unfolds, investors are searching for exciting stocks and cryptos to buy. Identifying the best exciting stocks and cryptos can be challenging, but monitoring hot stocks and cryptos with strong growth potential is essential.

Focusing on exciting stocks and cryptos in 2023 is crucial in the fast-paced financial world. Trending stocks and cryptos offer valuable insights for investors looking to capitalize on emerging market trends and make informed decisions.

By exploring a diverse range of exciting stocks and cryptos, investors can discover hidden gems. Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in the hot stocks and cryptos shaping the future of finance and technology.

So, wasting no time, here are five quality stocks and cryptos to watch in 2023:

SoFi Technologies (SOFI)


If you are looking for exciting stocks and cryptos to buy in 2023, SoFi (NASDAQ:SOFI) is a company worth considering. SoFi operates in the lending, technology platform, and financial services segments.

Although younger than most of its peers, it boasts a sound track record of innovation in fintech. Its bank charter designation in 2022 positions it well to offer a full suite of financial services.

SoFi’s recent developments are intriguing. The company now offers high-yield checking and savings accounts to its 5.2 million members.

SoFi has amassed $7.3 billion in deposits, up from $1 billion at the beginning of 2022. These deposits are vital to funding the lending segment, which includes personal, student, and home loans, with a lower cost of capital.

Investors are particularly drawn to SoFi’s pioneering student lending business, which initially disrupted the market with flexible repayment options and competitive rates.

Despite challenges from the pandemic-induced loan moratorium, SoFi diversified its offerings, ultimately emerging as a stronger, more versatile company. The moratorium still hurts, and SoFi is pursuing the matter legally. However, the overall business model remains healthy.

In summary, SoFi is among the hot and trending stocks and cryptos to watch out for in the coming year and might be one of the best and most exciting stocks and cryptos to invest in.

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Amazon (AMZN)

Closeup of the Amazon logo at Amazon campus in Palo Alto, California. The Palo Alto location hosts A9 Search, Amazon Web Services, and Amazon Game Studios teams. AMZN stock

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Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is a leading e-commerce giant, one of the hottest and most exciting stocks to invest in for several years. The tech behemoth, boasting an extensive array of products and services, consistently sets trends in the e-commerce industry.

It has also made significant inroads in cloud computing and digital streaming, offering its customers diverse offerings. In short, it is one of the most diversified companies on the planet.

However, the stock is down substantially from its 52-week high. Nevertheless, Amazon’s market leadership suggests a strong potential for long-term recovery.

The industries Amazon caters to, such as e-commerce and cloud computing, are far from reaching maturity. Both sectors continue to exhibit remarkable growth potential, likely fueling Amazon’s returns in the years ahead.

In terms of the best exciting stocks and cryptos to buy in 2023, Amazon is one of the most promising options. Its strong track record of innovation and leadership in e-commerce makes it a trending stock to watch out for.

Monero (XMR-USD)

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Monero (XMR-USD) provides privacy and security attributes, helping it stand out among a sea of altcoins. However, it is not enjoying the rally that Bitcoin (BTC-USD) and Ethereum (ETH-USD) are experiencing. That means it is an ideal time to purchase more coins because the markets are not pricing this one to perfection.

The cutting-edge technology and strong community support make it one of the hottest and most exciting stocks and cryptos to consider in 2023. It has also been touted as a potential investment opportunity for those seeking diversification in their crypto portfolio. As a trending stock in the crypto space, Monero’s potential for growth and innovation could make it one of the best exciting stocks and cryptos to watch.

This cryptocurrency has been in existence since 2014, which is a significant period in a rapidly changing crypto market. With increasing regulations on cryptocurrencies in several countries, including the United States, Monero has become an attractive investment option. As regulations tighten, a growing demand for private cryptocurrency transactions is growing, giving Monero a clear use case. In my mind, that makes it a dark horse pick for continued success in the crypto market.

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Basic Attention Token (BAT-USD)

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Basic Attention Token (BAT-USD) is a promising cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain. It was created by the co-founder of Mozilla Firefox and JavaScript, Brendan Eich, and has been gaining traction in the crypto market due to its innovative approach to digital advertising.

BAT seeks to transform the digital advertising sector through a decentralized platform that compensates users for their time and attention to viewing ads. It offers a unique value proposition by allowing users to earn rewards for internet browsing. By installing the Brave browser, users get paid in BAT for viewing ads, shifting the profit from companies to individuals.

With over 50 million monthly active users, Brave is one of the most successful crypto ventures, demonstrating its potential for growth and innovation in the market.

Rising concerns about online privacy and the demand for user-friendly, transparent digital advertising have made BAT a trending and exciting crypto to watch in 2023. As a top pick among exciting stocks and cryptos, BAT holds considerable growth potential.

Ripple (XRP-USD)

A concept image for the XRP (XRP-USD) token from Ripple.

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Despite past controversies, Ripple (XRP-USD) has been an established cryptocurrency for years and is one of the most enticing and auspicious digital investments available. XRP has a strong use case in cross-border payments and is being adopted by several large financial institutions. With increasing adoption and use, XRP could be a hot and trending crypto to watch in 2023.

Ripple’s XRP is a fast, cheap crypto with hundreds of financial partners for international payments. However, in late 2020, the SEC sued Ripple, leading to XRP’s delisting by major US exchanges. Despite this, XRP remains a top crypto, and as Ripple’s legal woes resolve, it could see renewed investor interest.

The key thing to remember is that XRP is incredibly risky right now. So, if you decide to invest, ensure it is in small amounts. American authorities are in an aggressive mood. Therefore, investing in XRP comes with its pros and cons. On the bright side, investing in it will benefit you if the case works out in Ripple’s favor.

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