Tech Firm Chain4Travel Rolls Out Blockchain Network For Travel Industry

Software company Chain4Travel has recently launched Camino Network, an innovative operating system designed for the worldwide travel industry. Specifically, the company has recently unveiled Camino, a specialized blockchain network that caters to the unique needs of the worldwide travel sector. The travel industry can benefit from innovative service approaches designed and implemented through the utilization of next-generation internet capabilities within the operating system.

The Camino Network is easily accessible to travel companies and technology providers, boasting a sign-up of over 120 international travel companies. Additionally, the network has already been adopted by some of the most prominent travel companies.

According to Ralf Usbeck, the CEO of Chain4Travel, the Camino Network’s launch is a noteworthy achievement for the worldwide travel sector. The utilization of blockchain technology will enable novel service approaches that were previously inconceivable. We are thrilled to have garnered the support of numerous distinguished companies as validators. We are eager to collaborate with them in shaping the trajectory of the travel sector.

Blockchain technology enables novel prospects for customization, engagements, and exchange of commodities, amenities, and information in B2B and B2C transactions, as well as among voyagers.
By utilizing the simplified procedures, all parties involved in travel can efficiently exchange services and information. Several travel companies have developed the initial applications on Camino, which include a trading platform for travel products, services, and vouchers, an online travel portal, and an application for efficient microservice sharing with hotel guests, among other offerings. Initial network participants comprised of FTI Group, Peakwork, Schauinsland Reisen, and TUI.

Phase two entails an augmented security layer through live testing, wherein the network will undergo an assessment in authentic scenarios with the chosen partners. The security audit conducted by Hexens has resulted in the certification of Camino’s strong security standard. During the third phase, the network will witness the inclusion of supplementary collaborators.