Ripple & Big Eyes Coin Beat The Bears As Chainlink Feels The Heat Of The Bear Market

The recent months have been something of a rollercoaster for the crypto industry. Chainlink (LINK) is a great example of the extreme volatility existent in the market as the coin has seen the local peak of $8.023, sunk to a low of $6.228, before coming back to a high of $8.575, all within 60 days.

If LINK is trading on the red, Ripple (XRP) has been on a great run, with holders maintaining a positive outlook about the token. The outlook of the crypto market remains positive on the back of falling inflation rates and rate cuts by central banks. But the market seems to be in a funk, with indexes not showing great movement.

Meanwhile, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a project that has junked bearish sentiments in the market with its hugely successful presale. The project has pulled in a sweet $34.5 million in its presale. The token’s performance could be an indication of an incoming bull run.

Chainlink Feels the Heat of Market Forces

Chainlink is a blockchain that offers incredible value due to its many applications. The network enables blockchains to add outside data. The network is able to perform this function by allowing inputs and outputs in smart contracts, essentially enabling smart contracts to communicate with the real world and vice versa.

Chainlink has a large user base from small businesses to large banks and financial institutions. The network is used by its users to incorporate the advantages of blockchain to their business practices. Chainlink improves the data collection and enables better extrapolation of the collected data by its inputs into smart contracts.

LINK is the utility token of the chainlink network. The network is based on the Ethereum blockchain, but it is interoperable with any blockchain that uses smart contracts. The network is ranked 19th in market capitalisation. Link is currently on the up, with its value hovering around the $7.163 mark.

Big Eyes Coin

Ripple Trends Upward on Positive Global Cues

If you’re a follower of crypto news, you might have heard a lot about the Ripple network recently. The network is embroiled in a court case with the SEC in the US. The network is backed to win the case with the regulatory body in a case about whether XRP can be regarded as a security.

The network has performed better than other cryptos in the bull run of march and also in the present market lull. XRP is trading at $0.4744 and is expected to be on the up.

The network is designed to facilitate cross-border payments and is used by financial institutions and banks to do transactions quickly and efficiently. The network has an edge over traditional methods like SWIFT as transactions take mere seconds to complete and transaction fees are also lower on the network. The network is notable for its utility and wide adoption rates recently, as evidenced by its recent deal with the Central Bank of Montenegro to use its network. The long-term prospects of the network are certainly on the positive side.

Big Eyes Coin: The Next BIG Thing in Meme Coins

Big Eyes Coin has caught the market’s attention with its hugely successful presale. The network has brought in investment north of $34.5 million. The project is a cat-themed meme coin network built around its community. The Big Eyes Coin presale ends on June 3rd, and the project is gearing up for launch.


Big Eyes Coin stands out from the rest of the meme coin crowd with its focus on being an asset of real utility. The network is working to build a comprehensive ecosystem that can host DApps and DeFi projects. The project states that its goal is to create wealth for its community, focusing on DeFi projects.

Big Eyes Coin has released the END300 bonus code to celebrate the closing of its presale. Investors can use the code to get a bonus of 300% extra BIG tokens on top of their initial order. The team has also launched NFT cards which users can use to mint BIG NFTs and trade them on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. 

Big Eyes Coin

So waste no time, join the Big Eyes Coin presale, and get in on the ground floor of a great crypto project. Make your decision to join the BIG presale even sweeter using the END300 bonus code.

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