Nish Kotecha Reveals How To Get Institutions To Embrace Blockchain Technology

In this exclusive interview in the FF News studio, Finboot’s Nish Kotecha reveals the steps that can be taken to get established institutions to embrace blockchain technology. Finboot is an organisation that aims to accelerate digital transformation, realise value and build trust through blockchain technology.

“Blockchain and regulation are not actually mutually exclusive, actually blockchain can aid regulation. In financial services, we do have an industry that wants to try and test things themselves. I come from the financial services industry. Once they realise that actually innovative solutions are present out-of-house, they start looking out of house to innovate and bring those solutions in.”

“There are many different financial institutions that have completed pilots and different types of processes from green bonds that are being issued on the blockchain, to one of my shareholders this morning who’s in financial services saying ‘when do we see full payments being made across blockchain infrastructure.”