Monero (XMR) Growth Undone, Ethereum Classic (ETC) Rallies Amidst Sparklo (SPRK) Presale

Monero (XMR) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) were among the few cryptocurrencies which have recorded a strong price performance in 2023. Unfortunately, Monero (XMR)’s price rally was undone by its sudden drop in March. Ethereum Classic (ETC) also showed a price recovery, but its case was slower than many other cryptocurrencies. 

However, its price rally was also more sustainable than many tokens. Even more exciting is the news of the Sparklo token presale. Sparklo, whose platform is dedicated to trading gold and silver, has been turning heads in the Web 3 community thanks to its pre-sale launch and expected price increase.

March Performance Undoes Monero (XMR)’s 2023 Gains

The month of March wiped a significant chunk of value from Monero (XMR)’s price, especially as it had been on an impressive rally that took it close to 20% of its year-on-year price. Monero (XMR) was trading at around $200 by this time last year, but successive market crashes brought its value to $128 in November. Soon after, Monero (XMR) started rallying upwards, and its price reached around $145 by the end of 2022. 

From the start of the year, it started an impressive rally that took it to $186 towards the end of January. The price corrected slightly in February but tanked sharply in March when it dropped to around $142. The price has been on a slow unimpressive rally since then, but as the crypto winter is slowly ending, perhaps Monero (XMR)’s price will increase.


Ethereum Classic (ETC) Shows a Mild but Impressive Rally in 2023

Ethereum Classic (ETC)’s performance in 2023 has been mild but quite impressive, considering its volatility in the final four months of 2022. Not only did Ethereum Classic (ETC) record a sharp rally in January, but it has also been able to lock most of those price gains, especially in February, when its performance was more volatile. Ethereum Classic (ETC) was trading at $20 on January 7th. 

By the 2nd week, it rose to $20 and hovered in that price range until the end of  February. Unfortunately, March brought a sharp price decline, and the price went back to $16. Since then, Ethereum Classic (ETC) climbed upwards, even reaching $22 before a price correction brought it back to around $19. What’s most impressive about Ethereum Classic (ETC)’s performance is that it hasn’t dropped to its pre 2023 lows.

Sparklo (SPRK) Becomes  Main Crypto Gateway to Gold and Silver Markets

Ever wanted a way to invest in alternative assets like gold and silver but with the added comfort and safety of blockchain technology? That’s what Sparklo is bringing to the Web 3 community. Sparklo is a one-of-a-kind network whose unique services make it the main gateway to investing in precious metals.

Sparklo offers users extra security thanks to its high-end blockchain technology. Users will also enjoy low fees and wide access to precious metal markets. Sparklo uses fractionalized NFTs to represent an investor’s holdings. 

Users can trade their NFTs among colleagues or redeem them for cash when liquidating their positions. Finally, Users can take full possession of their physical assets if they meet the requirements. Sparklo will deliver assets to users, whether in their homes or a location of their choosing.

Sparklo is in its presale phases, so its price is still quite low, making now one of the best times to invest in this project. Sparklo is also offering a 30% bonus to new buyers. It would interest you to know that by the end of April, Sparklo’s price is expected to rise from $0.015 to $0.017. To learn more about Sparklo’s presale, check the links below.

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