Microsoft and Goldman Sachs Join Forces to Launch New Blockchain Network

The Fuddies NFTs were released on the Clutchy marketplace, with a public sale starting at 300 SUI and gradually dropping to 150 SUI.

Get in on the FUD Memes with Fuddies

Fuddies NFT garners hype as the project looks to become a blue-chip NFT collection on the newly launched Sui Network.

Fuddies is a collection of 10,000 Sui profile pictures (PFPs) depicting cartoonish owls. The mint started on May 3, the same day Sui Network launched its mainnet.

The NFT project revolves around FUD memes at a time when meme coins are soaring in price. Their catchphrase is “FUD around and find out”

Fuddies gained popularity by self-described “we dgaf marketing” with FUD-based jokes/satire

Further, the project’s roadmap is also satirical. 

Additionally, community members join in to create memes.

Up until recently, Fuddies Discord was closed, with people getting in based on referrals. Yet, the interesting thing about its whitelist is that you can be demoted once you have acquired it.

The Fuddies NFTs were released on the Clutchy marketplace. The parent company of Sui Network Mysten Labs, helped promote the project for 95 SUI (about $125) to users on a prelaunch allowlist. 

The Mysten Labs co-founders also joined to promote the NFT project.

With a Dutch auction format, the public sale began with a price of 300 SUI (about $395) that gradually dropped to 125 $SUI (around $142). 

Fuddies NFT Minting Had Issues At Launch

The secondary marketplace established by Clutchy failed to work as intended, frustrating buyers who hoped to flip Fuddies NFTs for a quick profit. The marketplace that hosted the drop experienced technical difficulties following the mint, leading to backlash from collectors and NFT traders.

The secondary marketplace, nevertheless, commenced operating within a short time frame, and so far, Clutchy has 147,778  $SUI worth of trading for Fuddies in the last 24 hours.

Recently, the Sui Network was also in the news with its launch. The Sui creators are excited about the chain’s ability to enable more advanced capabilities than other chains, such as dynamic NFTs that update in real-time. 

According to experts, the gaming industry may ultimately prove to be one of the biggest drivers of NFT momentum on Sui, with notable early releases such as Overwatch-style hero shooter Bushi, a Walking Dead game, and tank game Panzerdogs (a Solana transplant) due in the near future. Sui Network ($SUI) is currently trading at $1.13, down 1.49% in 24 hours, with a market cap of $598 million.

What is Sui Network:

Sui is a layer-1 chain with low latency and high throughput. Sui’s instant transaction finality makes it an excellent choice for on-chain use cases such as DeFi and GameFi. Rust, a programming language focused on fast and secure transaction execution, is used to create the blockchain. Solana, another high-speed blockchain, also uses Rust as its programming language.

Learn more about Sui Network:

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