Is Monero Better Than Bitcoin? Doesn’t Matter! Big Eyes Coin is Coming to Take Over!

The world has known cryptocurrency for only a decade, yet every other person knows Bitcoin and the power it holds. However, today, there are plenty of altcoins with utility and a variety of added benefits. Out of the lot, Monero has emerged as a strong contender for the top spot. Why? Well, it focuses on safeguarding privacy and strives to offer impressive security standards. Investors have even begun to wonder, “Is Monero Better than Bitcoin?”

But does it matter? A new meme coin – Big Eyes Coins, is pushing to the top at a phenomenal speed and might just overtake Monero in a matter of time. Read on for a deep-dive into the question, while also familiarizing yourself with the brand new Big Eyes Coin (BIG), out to launch soon, but not before one last surprise that awaits you at the end!

Big Eyes Coin

What is Monero All About?

Launched in 2014, Monero (XMR) is an open-sourced cryptocurrency, popular for its knack for privacy. The blockchain is opaque, concealing crucial details about each transaction. Monero continues to make waves in the digital realm with its cutting-edge technology, setting a standard for anonymity and confidentiality in every transaction. The coin also surged by 0.47% on Monday, and earned a low volatility and Risk/Reward Gauge reading from InvestorsObserver, marking it safe from price manipulation. As Monero propels forward, its vision of a truly private and secure digital economy becomes closer to reality.


Can Monero Tackle Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is more widely accepted and accessible than Monero, which may not be accepted everywhere and requires checking exchange lists. Bitcoin has faster transaction speeds and scalability, with various solutions to increase speed, making it easier to use for businesses. Monero requires multiple blocks for safe confirmations, resulting in longer wait times. Monero excels in privacy, using cryptographic techniques to hide user details, while Bitcoin’s transactions are public. Bitcoin mining requires powerful hardware, while Monero’s algorithm is lighter and more power-efficient. Bitcoin’s scarcity contributes to its higher value, while Monero’s supply guarantees an increase over time. Bitcoin enjoys a better reputation due to wider acceptance, while Monero’s privacy features have made it popular among criminal networks and subjected it to regulatory scrutiny. Monero’s privacy can help users evade blockades, making it a preferable option for anonymous international payments if Bitcoin regulations tighten.

Big Eyes Coin Set to Take Over the Market!

A brand new meme coin is preparing to take over the Crypto Town, and this time, it’s a cat! Big Eyes (BIG) has been doing the rounds with its infamous presale and is now all set for its launch on the 15th of June!

The kitty has garnered quite the following, with a Twitter handle that’s bustling with activity and a Telegram group with over 26,000 members. Not only that, Big Eyes emerged in August last year and has since collected a whopping $38.4 Million across 13 stages of presales alone. How did they manage to do that, you ask?

Perhaps a look at their offering would help. They boast of an ecosystem that is free of buying, selling and trading tax. The initial supply is capped at 200 Billion tokens, and 75% will be available on launch. But there is a catch: this supply will be locked in a liquidity pool for 2 years after the launch, to aid the token with stability and liquidity. They also enticed its community with the Lootbox program, allowing buyers to buy packages and win random rewards that are equal to or more than what they paid.

Even their roadmap is laced with exciting projects. Aside from an NFT Space, the Sushi Crew, Big Eyes also has their very own casino in development. It will be home to over 4000 games, including their own Play-to-Earn (P2E) Games, and only considers participation through BIG. In fact, any cryptocurrency can be converted to BIG to play!

The presale ends on June 3rd, and they’re celebrating with one last promotion. Until the end of the presale, the team is selling BIG for its Stage 3 price: just $0.00017 per token! This is one chance you don’t want to miss!

Big Eyes Coin

So is Monero better than Bitcoin? The answer cannot be a defined yes or no, because both have characteristics that cater to different investors and needs. Besides, the AltCoin’s privacy feature is notched up to a fault, giving way to immoral practices. As such, it might be time to give emerging cryptocurrencies like Big Eyes Coin a chance. While its features show promise, its track record shows potential.

 Big Eyes Coin (BIG)